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b2ap3_thumbnail_cw.gifBy: Attorney Cameron Weitzner

While drunk and intoxicated driving are serious issues at all times of the year, they can be a significant concern during the holiday season. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, OWI cases often increase, and they can lead to accidents that may result in serious injuries or death. Wisconsin officials have reported that during the 2021 holiday season, 373 accidents involving intoxicated drivers occurred throughout the state, and these crashes led to 192 injuries and seven deaths. In their efforts to prevent drunk driving, law enforcement officials may increase the number of arrests that are performed during the holidays. Drivers who may potentially face OWI charges will need to be aware of the best ways to address these issues, and they can do so with the help of a criminal defense attorney.



b2ap3_thumbnail_grgb.gif By: Attorney Cameron Weitzner

During the holiday season, the number of packages being sent and received throughout the United States increases significantly. As people order products online and have them shipped to their homes or receive gifts sent by loved ones, packages can accumulate on a home's porch or doorstep on a daily basis. These packages can be a tempting target for thieves, and package theft has become an increasingly significant issue in the U.S. in recent years. 

The state of Wisconsin is no exception to this trend, and in fact, the city of Milwaukee currently ranks ninth in the United States among cities where package theft occurs most often. In response to this issue, law enforcement is taking steps to combat theft, and those who have been accused of these types of offenses will need to understand their options for defense.


b2ap3_thumbnail_fhjrjsr.JPGBy: Attorney Jorge Fragoso 

On November 8, 2022, Tony Evers was reelected as Governor of the state of Wisconsin. Since he was originally elected in 2019, Governor Evers has made efforts to grant clemency to people who have been convicted of crimes and are deserving of a second chance. He has granted a total of more than 600 pardons during his time in office, and he has stated that he will continue to pardon convicts during his next term. With this option available to people who have been convicted of criminal offenses, it is important for those who wish to receive clemency to understand the benefits of a pardon and the procedures followed during the pardon process.

Eligibility for Pardons

People who have been convicted of felonies in Wisconsin state courts may request a pardon, and if a pardon is granted, they will regain certain civil rights, including the right to own and possess firearms, the right to apply for certain types of professional licenses, and the right to run for public office. To be eligible for a pardon, a person will need to meet the following requirements:


Milwaukee criminal defense lawyerBy: Attorney Adam Schleis

It is legal to own and possess firearms in the United States and the state of Wisconsin, although there are certain exceptions, such as when a person has been convicted of a felony. However, while the laws regarding gun ownership are clear, firearms may only be used for certain purposes, and certain types of illegal uses of guns may lead to criminal charges. If you are facing charges related to the use of a firearm, you could be facing serious penalties, including jail time and large fines.

Wisconsin Laws Related to the Use of "Dangerous Weapons"

People who own and use firearms are expected to do so in a way that protects the safety of themselves and others. A person may be charged with the offense of "endangering safety by use of dangerous weapon" if they put other people at risk because they operated or handled a firearm negligently. For example, if a person did not take care while carrying or using a gun, such as by failing to use the weapon's safety settings, pointing the gun recklessly at others, or shooting at targets without making sure others were away from the line of fire, they could be charged with this offense. This charge may also apply if a person was under the influence of alcohol or drugs while carrying or using a firearm or if they were on someone else's property and fired a gun within 100 yards of a residential building without receiving permission from the building's owner.


b2ap3_thumbnail_jason_20221104-191409_1.JPGby: Jason Luczak, Patrick Knight and Ray Dall’Osto

There are a number of criminal offenses that are commonly known as "white collar crimes.”  These generally involve the theft of money or misappropriation of funds and other forms of fraud that are committed using non-violent actions. Wire fraud and mail fraud are related offenses that are included in this category. However, many people are unaware of exactly what wire fraud is and what types of actions can result in criminal charges being filed against an individual or business entity. 

Fraud involves taking another person or entity's money, property, or protected information through deceptive means. Unlike traditional theft or robbery, where the victim does not give consent to being deprived of their property, fraud crimes typically involve deception or false pretenses to obtain a victim’s property, where the victim may have thought the transaction was legitimate.  Wire fraud is a type of fraud that uses communication networks, such as the internet, telephone lines, or email. Depending on the specific nature of an offense, the communication networks used, and the victims involved, a person accused of wire fraud may face either federal charges or state criminal charges and civil liability as well.

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