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Will Milwaukee Patrol Officers Have Body Cameras by the End of 2016?

Posted on in Criminal Defense
Wisconsin defense attorney, Wisconsin criminal lawyer, defendant rightsThe past several years have seen a rise in tension between police officers and the communities in which they work, especially African American communities. Since the death of Michael Brown and the unrest in Ferguson, calls have grown louder in Wisconsin and around the country for reform. One particular reform that is being implemented in major cities throughout the country is the use of body cameras on police officers. Similar calls have been made here in Wisconsin, with differing success to date. A Tale of Two Cities There is good news on the horizon for Milwaukee residents who have been the victim of police brutality in the past. By the end of 2016, the entire Milwaukee police department may be outfitted with body cameras, much sooner than police officers in many other big cities throughout the United States. This is what the mayor of Milwaukee has proposed, and it will cost $880,000 to implement in the 2016 budget. This comes on the heels of many tense moments between police and citizens in the past year, as well as a White House task force that reported that body cameras reduce officers’ use of force and complaints about excessive force. At the same time Milwaukee is poised to lead the nation on this issue, an advisory board in Madison voted four against two in September against a pilot program requiring patrol officers to be outfitted with body cameras. A petition has been started, however, by concerned citizens to also require Madison officers to be equipped with body cameras, based on a high number of excessive force complaints. What to Do in the Meantime The budget for body cameras in Milwaukee has still not been approved, and there are no plans on the horizon for Madison officers to be outfitted with body cameras. The rest of Wisconsin lags behind the major metropolitan areas. In the interim, we continue to hear stories of citizens who feel their civil rights were violated by the police when they were arrested. Of course, many police officers are overwhelmingly decent and law-abiding citizens, who protect the rest of us at great personal risk to their own safety. However, there are cases in Wisconsin and throughout the nation where people’s rights are violated by overzealous police officer or in other situations where tempers flare. Do You Think Your Rights Have Been Violated by the Police?

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you have certain rights, which cannot be violated. If they are violated, your criminal case may be dismissed, and sometimes you may even have a lawsuit against the entity that violated your rights. In any event, the attorneys at our firm have extensive experience with criminal defense, and will know whether or not your rights have been violated, if you are unsure. If you have been arrested in Wisconsin and feel your rights may have been violated in the process, call or email the skilled Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys at our firm today to see how we can help you.



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