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Child Custody


Milwaukee Child Custody Attorneys

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Of all the family law matters, child custody cases are often the most emotional and contentious. Parents, who love their child but are angry with one another, may struggle with the idea of splitting time. In some cases, they can become so distraught over their divorce that they may even lose sight of what is truly best for their child. At Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP, we can help your family focus on what is truly important. Our attorneys make your child's best interests our top priority, and we fight aggressively to protect them.

Custody and Placement (Visitation) in Wisconsin

Every family is unique, as is every custody and visitation case. Our attorneys take the time to listen and understand the circumstances in your situation so that we can provide skilled, personalized guidance. We answer your questions thoughtfully and honestly, to ensure you have the information you need to make well-informed decisions about your family's future.

We can help you consider all of the relevant factors in your custody case, including:

  • Where your child should go to school;
  • How work hours may impact your parenting schedule;
  • Distance between each parent's home;
  • Which holidays and events are most important to each parent;
  • If there are safety concerns (domestic violence, addiction, etc.);
  • Special needs or emotional needs of the child;
  • Bonds between the child and each parent;
  • Child's relationship with siblings or other family members;
  • Child's need for predictability and stability;
  • How well you and your spouse are able to cooperate; and
  • Any other factors that may be important in your family's situation.

Helping Your Family with Custody and Placement Arrangements

In the state of Wisconsin, child custody cases involve the determination of custody and placement. Custody is the determination of how decisions are made about the child's life. Placement is where the child lives and how much time they spend with each parent. Parents are allowed to make these decisions through negotiations and often find it provides more flexibility in their parenting plan. However, litigation may be required to protect the child's best interests if parents disagree, there is a potential safety risk, or if wrongful allegations of neglect or abuse occur.

At Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP, we understand the complex and sensitive nature of child custody cases. As highly skilled criminal defense attorneys, we can even help if your child custody case turns into a criminal matter. Committed to protecting your interests, and the best interest of your child, our attorneys provide comprehensive and compassionate family law representation. To learn more, contact our Milwaukee, Wisconsin office at 414-271-1440.

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