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Alimony and Spousal Maintenance


Wisconsin Spousal Maintenance Lawyers

Experienced Milwaukee Divorce Lawyers Helping Clients with Alimony Issues

Although two-career households have decreased the number of alimony cases in Wisconsin, there are still divorce cases in which spousal support or maintenance may be necessary. Unfortunately, such cases are often full of contention and can lead to uncooperative behavior. Whether you are pursuing support or need protection in an alimony case, Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP can help. Our experienced family law attorneys can protect your financial security, and we will work hard to help you achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Determining Alimony in Wisconsin

Of all the divorce matters, alimony is one of the most unpredictable. This is because, unlike asset division and child support determination, the factors to determine spousal maintenance are many, and some are subjective. These factors typically include:

  • Division of assets and property;
  • Education of each party at the start and end of the marriage;
  • Earning capacity of each party;
  • Custodial and placement of children;
  • Tax consequences;
  • Mutual agreements made by the parties before or during the marriage;
  • Age and physical health of each party;
  • Contributions made by parties to further the career or education of the other party; and
  • Any other factors that the court deems relevant.

When you entrust GRGB with your alimony matter, our attorneys take the time to review your case carefully. We examine the details, give you an honest assessment of what you can realistically expect, and we will effectively represent your best interests in your divorce. We understand the complexities of divorce and alimony laws, and we can help with matters involving asset valuation, legal asset protection, and asset hiding practices that could compromise your divorce settlement.

Asset Hiding and Asset Valuation

Sometimes, divorce can become so horribly contentious that one or both parties would rather resort to criminal activity than fairly split their marital property. This can lead to serious consequences, including civil penalties and criminal charges. Thankfully, our attorneys offer multifaceted legal protection, ranging from criminal defense to family law and divorce representation. Whether you suspect that your spouse is trying to hide assets or alter the value of your marital estate, or if you have been wrongfully accused of doing so, our attorneys can assist you.

At Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP, we protect your best interests and provide personalized attention, every step of the way. We fight aggressively to get you the settlement that you deserve. To learn more, contact us at 414-271-1440 and schedule a consultation. We proudly serve the greater Milwaukee area and all of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Attorneys on our Alimony and Spousal Maintenance Team:

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