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The Blunt Facts about Drug Charges

Posted on in Criminal Defense
Wisconsin defense attorney, Wisconsin criminal lawyer, drug distributionThroughout the United States, each state has enacted laws that make it unlawful to possess, distribute or manufacture illegal drugs. These substances include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and various other drugs. Also, an individual could be charged with drug distribution if he or she is engaged in the illegal distribution of prescription drugs, the most common being painkillers or sleeping pills. The punishment for possession is much more lenient than that of distribution or manufacturing. These punishments depend on a variety of factors, such as the type and amount of drug, geographic area and groups targeted for the distribution of illegal drugs. The terms of punishment can range from a couple of years in prison to life imprisonment. Possession of a small amount of a drug, such as marijuana, is usually only a misdemeanor. However, charges related to drug trafficking, distribution and manufacturing are commonly considered felonies and lead to more serious fines and prison time. If you are found in possession of a substantial amount of drugs, there is a possibility you could be charged with intent to distribute if the police believe you were in a position to sell them to other people. This is also true if you are found with a limited amount of drugs and a significant amount of cash. If you are facing charges related to drug trafficking, it is important to remember that state and federal laws almost always come into play. Most state laws are modeled after federal laws and there are mandatory minimum punishments depending on the type and amount of drug involved. Although lawmakers passed these harsh laws to deter major drug distributors, petty drug dealers are too often the ones to be prosecuted. Drug-Related Arrests in Wisconsin According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, there were a total of 340,893 arrests across the state in 2012 (See “Arrests in Wisconsin 2012”). Drug arrests accounted for 27,345, and 83 percent of these arrests were related to possession charges. A first-time offense related to the possession of marijuana carries a $1,000 fine and possibility of six months in prison. A list of substances regulated by the state of Wisconsin can be found here and felony classifications can be found here. Depending on the circumstances of your case, the state or federal prosecutor can determine whether or not you had the intent to sell or manufacture illegal drugs. The typical indicators are amount of drug, type of drug, geographical location, and presence of distribution paraphernalia (baggies, scales, etc). Let Our Attorneys Defend You in Your Case The possible punishments, regardless of the drug trafficking charges, are far too serious to consider taking care of on your own. You should contact an experienced Milwaukee criminal defense attorney to help you fight the charges every step of the way.


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