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What You Need to Know about Criminal Damage to Property Charges in Wisconsin

 Posted on October 19, 2016 in Criminal Defense

Wisconsin defense attorney, Wisconsin criminal lawyerProperty damage, including accidental damage, damage to one’s own property, or threat to damage certain property, is considered a serious offense in the state of Wisconsin. In fact, under the right circumstances, damage to property could lead to felony charges. The following information can help you understand what might constitute criminal damage to property charges under Wisconsin state law, and what the potential consequences might be if you are convicted.

What Constitutes Criminal Damage to Property in Wisconsin?

Generally, any act that somehow damages or devalues the property of another is considered a crime. This can include graffiti, arson, bombing, demolition, and many other types of destruction. This charge also encompasses a wide range of property, such as schools and highways, art and rock sculptures, and can even include one’s own property, under the right circumstances.

Criminal Damage to Property Charges

Under most circumstances, criminal damage to property charges are considered a Class A misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to nine months of imprisonment and fines of up to $10,000. However, there are certain types of property damage that are considered a felony. For example, damaging (or even threatening to damage) the property of a judge or their family is considered a Class 1 felony in the state of Wisconsin. Damage or graffiti on religious property, at a cemetery, or school that is associated with a select racial, religious, or disabled group of persons is also considered a felony. Damage that disrupts public utilities, or is done to a highway in a way that places road users at risk for an accident, is also a felony.

These instances, along with many others, increase the potential consequences for those convicted of criminal damage to property. Felony criminal charges also remain on your record and can be accessed by future employers, landlords, and other persons of interest. This can significantly limit your housing and/or employment options for the rest of your life.

Protect Yourself from the Consequences of Property Damage Charges

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