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Internet Sex Crimes

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Wisconsin defense attorney, Wisconsin criminal lawyer, Wisconsin sex crimes lawsYou are most likely familiar with the crimes associated with child pornography and prostitution, just from watching television. What you may not know is that these crimes are sometimes part of a subset of crimes referred to as Internet sex crimes. If you are accused of, or arrested for, an internet sex crime, you are already facing life-altering and permanent damage to your reputation. Your family relationships and employment status can also be negatively affected just from the allegation alone.

Because of the nature of these crimes and the serious repercussions just the accusation brings, it is important to be proactive if you think you might be accused of or arrested for an internet sex crime. Being proactive begins with consulting an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney.

What Are the Various Internet Sex Crimes?

There are many crimes that fall under the internet sex crime umbrella, which is basically any sex crime facilitated by the internet. This includes many crimes in addition to those mentioned above, including the distribution or receipt of child pornography, soliciting a minor in a chat room, and even fraudulent solicitation of sex through spam email. Many crimes against children are Internet sex crimes, such as child exploitation and child enticement, if done via computer or through social networking.

What Are the Penalties for Internet Sex Crimes?

In addition to the social stigma that accompanies any sex crime accusation, a conviction results in fines, jail time, and in some cases, being registered as a sex offender. Internet sex crimes in most cases carry mandatory minimum sentencing, which means even a first offense can carry harsh penalties. Mandatory minimums do not allow a judge to consider your particular circumstances when sentencing you, no matter how compelling.

Defenses to Internet Sex Crimes

Internet sex crimes can be prosecuted under state or federal law, depending on the accusation. It is therefore important to have an attorney with experience defending people in both federal and state court, who is knowledgeable about your rights and the liberty to which you are entitled. For example, federal authorities cannot seize your computer or other personal property without a valid warrant. There are many situations where your rights might be violated by overzealous police officers trying to make a case against you, and many times searches are performed without a valid warrant, or under an incomplete or invalid warrant. The most effective defense in an Internet sex crime case usually relates to a violation of your rights.


Being accused of an Internet sex crime is very serious business, and if you are pursued by the federal government, there will be a seemingly endless array of resources employed against you. It is vital that you retain sophisticated, aggressive legal representation if you are accused of an Internet sex crime. Our dedicated Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers will not back down in the fight to protect your rights, even against the vast resources of a federal prosecutor. Call or email us today for a free, no obligation consultation if you have been accused or think you may be accused of an Internet sex crime.



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