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Technology, Privacy, and Crime: Right to Privacy Lines Blur in a Technology-Driven World

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Criminal Defense

Wisconsin defense attorney, Wisconsin criminal lawyer, defendant rightsTechnology has truly become an integrated part of our lives, affecting all that we do. In fact, very few Americans ever leave their homes without some sort of electronic device in tow. For the most part, the infiltration is benign and offers enjoyment, connection, and education. But the speed at which technology has advanced does have its drawbacks, namely where the law and our right to privacy is concerned.

What Americans Are Giving Up

At any given moment, we could be recorded on one or more cameras at a business establishment, on someone’s home security system, or even on a cell phone. Cell phones can become tracking devices, and social media accounts, which often detail almost every aspect of our lives can give away where we have been, what we have been doing, and who we were with while doing it.

We have given up so much of our privacy without so much as a second thought, and in doing so, we have left ourselves open to exploitation. Criminals, sex offenders, cyberstalkers — the list of whom we leave ourselves open to is endless. But there is one privacy predator you may not have considered.

Law Enforcement and Technology Today

Instances of shooting, drug dealing, robbery, murder, and rape have all been caught on camera or tracked through GPS location from a cell phone or via social media. Even DNA testing, a technology that identifies individuals based on their genetic makeup, can come into play when attempting to solve a crime. But what does all this technology in law enforcement mean? And how is it used?

When Privacy Is No Longer Protected

For all its benefits, technology is advancing faster than lawmakers can understand it, let alone make new laws to govern it. That means our right to privacy can and may be violated on any given day and at any given moment. We can be questioned and even arrested based on information that may have been obtained without “reasonable cause.” And even the most innocent of information may be used against us to build a case. Essentially, we are all at the mercy of someone else’s interpretation of what is fair game.

Facing Criminal Charges? Hire a Skilled Defense Attorney

Do not allow chance, unlawfully obtained information, or circumstantial evidence determine your fate. Instead, hire a defense attorney that understands and is willing to protect your Fourth Amendment rights in a criminal case. At Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP, we understand the importance of prompt, personalized, high-quality representation, and we take your legal issues seriously. Schedule your consultation with a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney willing to go the extra mile. Call 414-271-1440 today.




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