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White Collar Crime: Types of Charges and Convictions

 Posted on September 18, 2018 in Criminal Defense

Milwaukee WI fraud and embezzlement defense attorneyThe term “white collar crime” was coined in the 1930s to describe a legal violation by a “person of respectability and high social status” made in the course of their work. Since then, white collar crimes have grown in number and complexity, and they typically involve nonviolent criminal activity that is committed for financial gain. These crimes are often committed in commercial or business situations.

Because of the ever-increasing complexity that white collar crimes present, those accused of these types of criminal charges should be represented by an attorney who knows how financial institutions work. The practices of banks, accountants, lending agencies, and taxing authorities are often at the center of white collar cases. In addition, there are various agencies that may be involved in the investigation of any sort of alleged white collar crime, including state attorneys general, the FBI, or the SEC. 

Some common white collar crimes include:

  • Fraud occurs when intentionally deceives someone for monetary gain.
  • Securities fraud encompasses a wide variety of illegal actions, such as insider trading--the buying or selling of stocks based on confidential information--and misrepresentation--making knowing misstatements about a company’s financials to investors.
  • Embezzlement involves the improper taking of property by someone who has been entrusted with access or control of the property.
  • Tax evasion takes place when someone takes steps to avoid paying taxes, often by lying about their income or the location of money.
  • Money laundering involves converting money that was illegally gained to make it appear as though it was obtained legally.
  • Bankruptcy fraud is the crime of misrepresenting one’s financial state or hiding assets in order to avoid paying creditors.
  • Bank fraud can encompass any action where a bank is defrauded, such as passing off fraudulent checks, lying in order to obtain a loan or mortgage, or depositing counterfeit bills.

Other white collar crimes include: antitrust violations, bribery, computer and internet fraud, credit card fraud, economic espionage and theft of trade secrets, environmental law violations, government fraud, healthcare fraud, insurance fraud, intellectual property theft/piracy, kickbacks, mail fraud, phone and telemarketing fraud, and public corruption.

Contact a Milwaukee, WI Criminal Defense Attorney

The lawyers and staff at Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP are standing by to review your case, the accusations made against you, and what defenses you may have available to you. Our firm understands that white collar criminal allegations will directly affect your business and your livelihood, and we take these cases seriously.

If you have been charged or think you may be charged with white collar crimes, you should contact an experienced Milwaukee white collar criminal defense lawyer. We will help you understand the charges, the potential consequences of a conviction, and the best options for defense. Call our office at 414-271-1440.



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