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Police Shooting: Dashcam Footage Suggests Hostage Shot without Warning

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Wisconsin defense attorney, Wisconsin criminal lawyerEach and every day, upstanding officers place their lives on the line to protect the public. They educate, inform, and guide our youths. But sometimes they lose sight of their jobs. And – just like in any other field – there are those who only took the position for power and authority over others, those who wrongfully convict, bend the rules, or even break the law themselves. It is the latter group that are often the subject of news castings on the corruption of law enforcement, but there is always an exception, and even good officers make mistakes.

No one can say for certain which of the two groups may be at the center of an investigation on the shooting of a Wisconsin hostage. What can be said is that a possibly innocent man became an unsuspecting victim. And, even if he was not  innocent, that man had the right to due process and civil protections, just like every other citizen. Unfortunately, evidence suggests that he received neither.

Dashcam Shows Contradicting Evidence

The man, who was allegedly a hostage in a motorcycle shop dispute, reportedly fled the building out of the back door into an alley and then fell or dove to the ground behind a pickup truck. Allegedly armed with his gun drawn, he moved away from the truck and then came under police fire. Officers at the scene had said that the man had ignored orders to drop his gun, but no such warning was recorded on the dashcam of a police vehicle. Another contradiction was picked up by the dashcam as well; although officers said the man had received medical care and died at the hospital, footage showed that he had laid in the alley for at least 25 minutes after being shot.

Shooting without Warning

In most instances, officers must warn that they are about to shoot another person. The only real exception is when the officer’s life may be in immediate danger. No such danger was recorded by the dashcam. The man reportedly never aimed his gun at police, and never fired his weapon. As per protocol, the situation was investigated and the three officers involved in the shooting were placed on paid leave and then desk duty. Yet no one can ignore the fact that a man was killed that day. No one will ever know whether or not he was an innocent victim of circumstance, and the lives of his loved ones will be forever changed.

Protecting Your Rights in the Criminal Justice System

Police officers are only human, which means they make mistakes, and some really are corrupt. They arrest the wrong person. They coerce and mislead to solve a case. Or they completely violate your Constitutional rights to “get the job done.” Whatever the situation, you have a right to a fair trial and due process. Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown LLP can help ensure those rights are protected. Schedule your consultation with our experienced Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys and get the representation you deserve. Call 414-271-1440 today.




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