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Assaulting an Officer Could Soon Be Classified a Hate Crime

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Wisconsin defense attorney, Wisconsin hate crime lawsAssaulting a police officer is already considered a severe crime. However, a bill recently proposed in Wisconsin could turn police attacks into a hate crime. This could make defending those charged with assaulting a police officer much more difficult. Furthermore, it could increase the penalties of those who are charged with crimes related to officer assault.

Texas Officer Deaths Prompt Bill

The bill, a direct response to the Dallas shooting that killed five officers and injured seven others, was proposed by Representative David Steffen, R-Howard. Dubbed the “Blue Lives Matter” bill, it would give prosecutors and judges the ability to up the charges of assaulting an officer to a hate crime. If convicted, one could expect to suffer a longer prison term and higher fines. It is meant to focus on those that target police officers. However, this bill may only work in theory.

Assaulting an Officer Already a Serious Crime

In the state of Wisconsin, assault of an officer is already considered a serious crime. In fact, those that are convicted are usually punished to the full extent of the law and suffer harsh penalties for their actions. Essentially, that harsher punishment for assaulting an officer makes the hate crime bill a moot point. What is more, the law has a high risk of going unchecked, potentially leaving many at risk for a hate crime when, in fact, they did not target the officer to begin with.

Getting the Criminal Defense You Deserve

Regardless of the charges against you, it is critical that you seek skilled and experienced criminal defense. This ensures that your rights are protected and that all details of your case are carefully examined. For example, if you are facing a hate crime but did not, in fact, target the individual because of their race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, a quality criminal defense attorney could work to have the charges against you mitigated. In some cases, it may even be possible to have your charges completely dismissed.

At Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown LLP we offer the kind of aggressive defense you deserve. Dedicated and experienced, we fight to protect your Constitutional rights and will always work toward the most favorable outcome for your case, no matter what the charges or evidence may be against you. Contact our Milwaukee, Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys today and schedule your consultation to learn more. Call us at 414-271-1440.



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