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Man Foils Robbery with Taser Gun and Is Charged with Felony

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Criminal Defense

Wisconsin criminal defense attorney, Wisconsin defense lawyer, ignorance of the lawPeople who purchase a gun tend to be aware that there are a variety of laws and other rules surrounding them, such as where the weapon is allowed to be used and how the gun may be carried. Yet, not as many people realized that a similar set of rules apply to other weapons, such as electronic defense weapons like taser guns. A Wisconsin man found that out the hard way when he stopped a robbery at a local bar, only to have prosecutors charge him with a felony.

What Happened

The man in question was at a local neighborhood bar early on a Monday morning. As the bartender was pulling drinks out of the cooler, a masked woman stood up and threatened the bartender with a handgun. The man saw the bartender taking the money out of the register, and stood up to try to help. He pulled out his taser gun and began advancing on the robber. From witness reports, it does not seem like the man actually shocked the robber. Instead, the robber fled upon seeing the taser gun, and was caught by police a few minutes later. While the robber is being charged with armed robbery and disorderly conduct, but she is not the only one charged with a crime. The man is also being charged with a felony because of the taser gun. However, it is not clear whether the district attorney will actually choose to pursue the charges in light of the fact that the man was preventing a robbery.

What Laws Were Broken

Importantly, the man is not being charged with a crime because of how he used the taser. Wisconsin law likely allows people to use electronic defense weapons in self defense in circumstances like this. Instead, the man is being charged with a felony because he was carrying his taser without a permit. Although the weapons are legal to have in Wisconsin, they require a concealed carry permit in order for people to bring them out in public. Otherwise, the weapons are only legal for people to keep on their own property. However, the man was unaware of this, not realizing that electronic defense weapons fell under the concealed carry laws. As a result, he may now face felony charges with punishments that can go as high as nine months in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. This story highlights the importance of a person's understanding the rules surrounding any weapon they purchase. Failure to do so can lead to serious legal consequences.

Criminal law does not respect ignorance of the law as a defense. If you have been charged with violation of concealed carry or other Wisconsin laws, contact an experienced Milwaukee personal injury attorney today to learn more about the rights you have.
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