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summer time daycare, negligent supervision, Milwaukee personal injury attorneys, Wisconsin law, caretaker supervisionWhether you have enrolled your child in a new child care program or your child continues to attend the same facility this summer, it is important to continually evaluate the quality of the care provided.

Not only is this critical to your child’s development but asking such questions could help you identify unsafe conditions that could injure your child.

How to Evaluate a Child Care Program


Milwaukee construction site injury lawyers, construction accidents, construction site injuries, personal injury claim, summer construction tipsWith the weather getting warmer and daylight hours increasing, construction work is in full swing. This increase in construction sites also means an increase in possible dangers. Hence, it is important to beware of potential construction hazards which can lead to serious bodily injury or death.

Workers and construction companies should follow standard safety protocols in order to avoid accidents.

Examples of safety measures include:


Milwaukee car accident attorneys, delayed injuriesSometimes, it is apparent immediately after a car accident that you are injured. Many people require the help of an ambulance or go straight to the hospital from the scene of an auto crash.

However, and perhaps more commonly, injuries take days or weeks to reveal themselves. Because of this, most lawyers advise to seek legal counsel and avoid agreeing to a settlement with an insurance company soon after a car accident.

Here are seven injuries that may appear in the days and weeks following your accident:


Milwaukee slip and fall attorneys, slip and fall accidents, senior citizen injuriesThe number of brain injuries suffered by the elderly during slip and fall accidents is increasing at an alarming rate, according to the Center for Disease Control.

A recent CDC study found that one in every 45 Americans, age 75 and older, experienced brain injuries that led to emergency room trips, hospitalization, or death in 2013. This means that the rate for this type of injury rose a stunning 76 percent from 2007. To compare, the CDC reports that the overall rate for head injuries during this time rose 39 percent.

What Accounts for the Increase in Head Injuries in the Elderly Caused by Falls?


Milwaukee pedestrian accident attorneys, pedestrian injuriesAs the weather gets warmer, more people seek to travel on foot. However, it is important to keep in mind that pedestrians, especially children, face risks as they walk.

In fact, in the United States, a pedestrian is killed in a traffic accident every 113 minutes and hurt every eight minutes. Pedestrian accidents can leave victims severely injured, while car occupants may remain unharmed. Following pedestrian safety recommendations will help to reduce your risk; however, accidents still happen.

Common Types of Injuries Pedestrians Sustain

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