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Are Motorcycle Accidents More Likely to Occur in the Summer?

 Posted on June 26, 2024 in Personal Injury

Milwaukee, WI personal injury lawyerMotorcycle enthusiasts often look forward to the summer as the perfect time to hit the open road. However, while warm weather and clear skies offer ideal riding conditions, motorcyclists also face increased risks. While more motorcycle accidents occur in the summer, those injured in these accidents can take steps to address the harm they have experienced and make sure negligence by other drivers or other parties is addressed. An experienced attorney can provide representation in these cases and work to ensure that motorcyclists receive compensation for their injuries.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Increase in the Summer

Statistics show that August is the most dangerous month for motorcyclists, with 12 percent of all fatal motorcycle accidents occurring during this month. Other summer months can also be dangerous and there are several factors that can contribute to the rise in motorcycle accidents during this time. 

  • Increased traffic: During the summer, roads become busier. Vacationers take trips, teen drivers spend more time on the road while out of school, and people spend more time traveling on local roads, state highways, and interstate freeways. This surge in traffic leads to more congestion and a higher likelihood of collisions.

  • Weather conditions: While summer weather is often favorable for riding, conditions can change quickly. Sudden thunderstorms, heat waves, and strong winds can create hazardous conditions for motorcyclists.

  • Longer days: Extended daylight hours encourage more people to spend more time on the road. Fatigue can set in after a long day of driving, making it more likely that people will be involved in accidents with motorcycles.

  • Road construction: Due to favorable weather conditions, summer is when repairs or new construction projects are performed on many roads and highways. Even though construction zones have reduced speed limits, drivers may be uncertain about how to navigate through these areas, and they may fail to notice or respond correctly to motorcycles, leading to collisions.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in the Summer

Even when they are aware of the risks of summer riding and take steps to stay safe, motorcyclists are still sometimes injured in accidents. These accidents can be caused by the following.

  • Driver negligence: In many cases, accidents occur because other drivers fail to notice motorcycles. Distracted driving or driver fatigue due to heat or long hours on the road may cause drivers to miss important details and make it more likely to collide with motorcycles at intersections, cut them off when changing lanes, or strike them from behind after misjudging their speed.

  • Drunk driving: Drivers who consume alcohol during summer gatherings frequently get behind the wheel when they are intoxicated. Impaired judgment, increased reaction times, and other physical effects of intoxication can cause drivers to seriously injure motorcyclists in collisions.

  • Speeding: Open roads during the summer encourage drivers to exceed speed limits or drive unsafely. High speeds reduce the time a driver has to react to sudden changes in traffic conditions, and collisions with motorcyclists at these speeds can inflict severe injuries.

  • Road hazards: Potholes, gravel, and debris on the roads are dangerous for motorcyclists. A road that is in disrepair or that has an unsafe design can lead to accidents. Government organizations responsible for designing and maintaining roads may be liable in these cases.

Contact Our Milwaukee, WI Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

While motorcycle accidents can be devastating at any time of the year, motorcyclists have options in these situations. At Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP, our Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorneys can help people injured by negligent drivers or other parties take steps to recover compensation. We understand the difficulties that injured motorcyclists face, and we are dedicated to ensuring that they have the financial resources needed to make a full recovery. Contact us at 414-271-1440 to schedule a free consultation.

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