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Our Top 10 Blogs for 2022 Covered Criminal Cases, Weapons Charges, and More

 Posted on January 13, 2023 in Personal Injury

milwaukee personal injury lawyerBy: Attorney Jason Luczak

Here at Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP, our attorneys provide representation for clients in multiple types of legal matters, including family law, business law, civil litigation, criminal defense, personal injury, and much more.  We regularly publish blogs covering a variety of topics related to these legal fields, and we strive to keep our clients and the readers of our blog updated on legal developments and issues that can affect their lives. We wanted to highlight the blogs that visitors to our website read the most during 2022:

  1. Circumstantial vs. Direct Evidence in Wisconsin Criminal Cases - Criminal prosecutors may rely on different types of evidence as they attempt to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that a person committed an offense. In this blog, we look at the different types of evidence that may be used. Our attorneys ensure that our clients are prepared to address the evidence in their cases, and we fight to protect their rights when defending against criminal charges.

  2. What You Need to Know About Open Carrying a Gun in Wisconsin - In recent years, much attention has been paid to gun laws and regulations in the United States. In this blog, we provide an overview of the rights that people in Wisconsin have to openly carry firearms in public.

  3. Child Abuse and Neglect in Wisconsin: Types of Charges and Convictions - We look at the different types of criminal charges that parents or others may face in situations where they are accused of intentionally causing harm to children or allowing harm to occur through negligence.

  4. Applying for a Wisconsin Liquor License for Your Business - This blog examines the types of liquor licenses that are available in Wisconsin and the requirements a business owner will need to meet to be able to sell or serve alcohol to patrons.

  5. Wisconsin Laws and Policies for Juvenile Offenders Charged As Adults - We look at Wisconsin's juvenile justice laws, situations where minors may face criminal charges in adult court, and efforts to reform the juvenile justice system.

  6. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and the Charges Parents May Face - For parents, nothing is worse to contemplate than the death of their child. Unfortunately, some parents of infants who have passed away unexpectedly have been charged with manslaughter or similar crimes. We look at what parents can do to protect themselves in these difficult situations.

  7. Understanding Sexual Assault Charges Under Wisconsin Law - Anyone who is accused of a sex crime will need to understand the specific charges they may face, the potential penalties of a conviction, and the defense strategies that may be available. Our blog provides information about these types of charges, and we can represent defendants who are facing charges of sexual assault.

  8. What Happens if Your Child is Subject to a CHIPS Action? - Juvenile courts may have jurisdiction in a case involving a child in need of protective services (CHIPS). This blog looks at how these types of cases are handled and the options that parents may have to protect their parental rights.

  9. What Types of Battery Charges Can I Face in Wisconsin? - We look at when a person may be charged with simple battery, substantial battery, or aggravated battery and the potential consequences of being convicted of one of these offenses.

  10. Understanding Wisconsin’s Driver’s License Point System - Traffic violations will add points to a Wisconsin driver's record. This blog looks at the points that are assigned for different offenses and the situations where violations may trigger a driver's license suspension.

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