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Deer Collisions and Car Crashes

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Personal Injury

multi-car crashes, traffic accident, Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Milwaukee car crash lawyerDeer collisions are a common problem for Wisconsin drivers, but it pays to be extra vigilant during the end of the year since it is their mating season, the time when deer are most active. In fact, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's statistics, there are over 18,000 deer collisions in Wisconsin every year, making it a high-risk state for deer collisions. Deer collisions can be surprisingly dangerous because of a combination of their large size and sharp antlers. Especially important is the fact that deer can even be responsible for crashes between two cars. Given these dangers, drivers should learn how to minimize their risk of deer collision and what to do if they are involved in one.

Tips for Handling Deer Crashes

The optimal way to handle a deer collision is to avoid it in the first place. While some accidents are unavoidable, drivers do have strategies available to them if they want to make the collision less likely. For instance, deer tend to be the most mobile during the evening hours, so extra vigilance during those hours can help, especially in dark or forested areas or in areas with signs posted about the presence of deer. Similarly, the use of extra bright headlights in dark, low-traffic areas may help to make deer more visible. If a driver does spot one deer, then he or she should also keep in mind that deer are herd animals, so it is likely there are others roaming around in the area.

Multi-Car Collisions

Drivers should also take special care in areas where deer may be present if they see other cars around. Other drivers may not be being as careful, and this can cause them to collide with a deer which may pose a danger to other drivers nearby. For instance, the careless driver's wrecked car may end up blocking the roadway, or they may swerve into oncoming traffic. This can lead to to serious car accidents.

After these sorts of multi-car crashes, it is important to take steps to ensure your own safety. Check if anyone involved in the accident needs medical attention, and move the cars to a safe place out of traffic. Take pictures of the crash site to document it, and then inspect the car to see if it can still drive safely. Look for smoke or leaking fluid as clues to more severe damage. Then, contact the police, and exchange insurance information with other drivers on the scene.

Once the practical details are taken care of, drivers should consider reaching out to an attorney to learn more about their rights. If you have recently been involved in a deer collision or other type of traffic accident and want to know about your options for recovery, contact an experienced Milwaukee traffic accident attorney today. Our dedicated professionals are here to help you fight for full, fair compensation.

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