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ATV Accidents: Understanding the Causes, Risks, and How to Prevent Them

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Wisconsin ATV accident attorney, Wisconsin personal injury lawyerSince invented, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) have offered hours of rugged, outdoor fun. But that fun also comes with a risk – the possibility of a severe injury or fatality. Those risks can often be reduced through responsible operation, proper gear, and course instructions but many riders forget the importance of these key preventative measures or are not aware of their importance. So, before you ride, make sure you know the causes and risks of ATV accidents and how you can best avoid them.

ATV Accident Statistics

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), more than 100,000 ATV injuries occurred in 2012 (the most recent data). Of those, 27 percent were to the head or neck, 29 percent were of the arms or hands, 22 percent were to the torso area, and 21 percent were to the legs or feet. In addition, approximately 568 adults and 144 children die each year from ATV-related accidents.

During those accidents, approximately 33 percent of riders were on paved surfaces. Another 19 percent were on unpaved roads, 12 percent were rising in fields or pastures, five percent were riding in deserts or on beaches, and 22 percent were riding in either unknown or other locations.

Accident Causes, Risks, and Prevention

When it comes to ATV accidents, there are five common factors, all of which can be considered causes and risks. These include:

  • Alcohol consumption;
  • Lack of proper gear;
  • Lack of experience;
  • Improper use of vehicle; and
  • And riding in areas considered unsafe/inappropriate for ATVs.

To prevent accidents, all of these risks and factors must be accounted for. As such, riders should never consume alcohol, should always wear helmets and other protective gear, should seek out training from a qualified instruction, ride only on safe and designated paths, and always follow all safety rules regarding use. Remember: ATVs are much like motor vehicles – they move at excessive speeds, weigh enough to cause serious injury or death, and must be handled responsibly.

When Should You Contact an Attorney for an ATV Accident?

In some cases, ATV accidents may be caused by the negligence of another vehicle or a property owner. Moreover, there may be extenuating circumstances that make you or your loved one eligible for compensation. In these instances, the experienced Milwaukee personal injury attorneys at Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown LLP can help. Call 414-271-1440 today and schedule your consultation to learn more.






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