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Summer Campfires - Proceed with Caution

Posted on in Personal Injury


Outdoor summer fun often revolves arounds spending quality time around a campfire, telling stories and singing songs. However this fun family past time is also one of the most dangerous parts of the summer months.

Bonfire or campfire accidents are the among most common cause injuries involving fire. Often, these types of accidents occur when children or young people are grilling s'mores or hot dogs over a campfire and they get too close to the fire. Other times, they may be sitting at a reasonable or safe distance from the fire, and someone dangerously throws some sort of accelerant on to the fire to create a large "boom" or maintain or increase the burn. These injuries might also occur when people are burning yard waste, branches or grass clippings on their own property.

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin states that 74% of camping injuries are caused by campfires. Furthermore, it notes that approximately 50% of those admitted to the hospital from these type of accidents are less than 4 years old. What this means is that people need to take special care with young children and campfires or bonfires.

When people turn to the use of flammables such as gasoline, lighter fluid or kerosene to "improve" upon on campfires for entertainment purposes is when people get hurt. An inexperienced person using an accelerant to build or maintain a fire is a recipe for disaster. No one can tell how the fire is going to react to the introduction of such a product - and who or where it may result in burning. The danger with burning accelerants on a campfire or bonfire is that they canl cause an uncontrollable explosion that may injure and burn nearby people or property. Care should always be taken with bonfires and campfires and the use of accelerants should always be avoided.

For more helpful tips on campfire safety, please visit this following link, from one of the main authorities on fires, Smokey the Bear.

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