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alcoholBy: Attorney Jason Luczak

As citizen in the State of Wisconsin, we count on our public officials to uphold the law and keep our streets and communities safe. We also expect that these officials will follow that same law they are upholding without "cutting corners" as a means to an end.

The importance of following the proper procedures was  brought to the forefront during a liquor license revocation in Racine, Wisconsin. In the case, a local police chief filed an unsworn complaint against an area night club, seeking the revocation of the establishment's liquor license. The chief's complaint, which he filed as a private citizen, suggested that the night club was in violation of state and local laws, was a "disorderly or riotous, indecent or improper house" and "created undesirable neighborhood problems."


With the 2012 Presidential election in the books, now is a time for reflection on the entire processs. With that in mind, Frank Gimbel recently sat down with WITI Fox 6's Kim Murphy to discuss the hotly contested same day voter registration rule. Below is video with Frank's insight.

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Real Advocacy Lessons from Fiction

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TomThe award winning attorneys at GRGB are regularly sought out to provide professional insight and even write the occasional article. Below is one such article that was written by our very own Tom Brown for the National Business Institute Continuing Legal Education Blog. Tom serves as a faculty member for the NBI, and teaches seminars throughout the year to help attorneys stay fresh in their legal practice.

Too Many Jack McCoys - Not Enough Sonny Seilers

Law & Order's Jack McCoy never took a deposition. Can you imagine McCoy's self-important image convincing any plaintiff or defendant that he should relax and tell his story? A deposition that would normally take two hours is now destined to take all day. Instead, McCoy should take a page out of Sonny Seiler's book...

Who is Sonny Seiler? Jim Williams' attorney in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Sonny appears to be just a good ole boy that tends to focus more on the efforts of the football team for the University of Georgia, than he does on his case. But does Sonny win his case? Of course he does. Imagine the impossible . . . that an attorney would actually want to attend a college football game . . . when his client is in jail . . . (Note: Sonny Seiler actually appeared in the movie in the role of Judge White, the presiding judge at the trial).


In light of the shocking mass shootings at the Brookfield, Wisconsin based, Azana Spa, GRGB attorney, Frank Gimbel offers insight into the Wisconsin laws pertaining to restraining orders.

In light of the current controversies swirling around the Milwaukee Police department,Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP attorney, Frank Gimbel recently sat down with WITI- Fox 6 to discuss the charges brought up on four MPD officers. In the case, ten different men have suggested that the officers illegally strip searched and sexually assaulted them while searching for drugs. Gimbel notes that these types of cases can be particularly challenging for the prosecution and reminds viewers that all people charged with a crime are presumed innocent until found guilty.

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