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The Calling of the Trial Lawyer - A Modern Day Atticus Finch

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tkm-2Perhaps you saw the opinion letter that was submitted in to the Milwaukee Journal last week regarding GRGB's Frank Gimbel and the recent high profile Spooner case. In case you missed it...here is what it said:

A man murders an innocent, unarmed young boy at point-blank range. Then, against the strong advice of his lawyer, he takes the witness stand to proclaim that justice was served by his heinous crime.

Properly convicted now and still without even a hint of remorse, he complains about his lawyer, who had the courage to represent an unpopular and manifestly guilty client ("Spooner says truth didn't come out,").

By taking this case, lawyer Franklyn Gimbel evokes the name of the model for all trial lawyers - small-town Alabama lawyer Atticus Finch. In Harper Lee's classic "To Kill A Mockingbird" Atticus explains to his daughter, Scout, his duty to defend accused rapist, Tom Robinson, this way: "It's when you know you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what." Finch would be proud of Gimbel.

Frank J. Daily


To say that we are proud of Frank's efforts on the Spooner case would be an understatement, but we wanted to take a moment to address a question we are often asked regarding our position as trail attorneys. We hear it time and time again, "why would you choose to represent those people." While we each have our own personal reasons...not the least of which is demonstrated by the fictitious Atticus Finch, a recent article in theWashington Post seems to best sum up the general sentiments on the calling that is being a trial lawyer. It's what we do or as the article's author notes, "We represent 'those people' because we can always find aspects of them that represent us."

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