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GRGB's Dall'Osto Weighs in on SCOTUS Cell Phone Ruling

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Uncategorized

smartphone2In a recent blog, we discussed the ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States regarding the legalities of searching a person's cell phone without a warrant. The blog investigated two such cases that were before the court in which a defendant's phone was confiscated without a warrant and content on the phone entered as evidence.

GRGB's Raymond Dall'Osto was recently asked to provide insight about this case to the Wisconsin Radio Network. Dall'Osto applauded the US Supreme Court's finding indicating that they upheld the 4thAmendment privacy rights of the American people "in its application to modern technology."

Dall'Osto, who is a former director of the ACLU, noted that the information that a police officer can acquire on a cell phone is "critical evidence which law enforcement will still be able to obtain with relative ease, it just means they're going to have to have enough evidence to show probable cause, to get a warrant,"

With that in mind, the bottom line in the SCOTUS ruling is that law enforcement officials must prove probable cause and obtain a warrant before commandeering or searching a cell phone for evidence. This historic ruling will inevitably not be the last such finding as the US Laws continue to be challenged by an ever changing technological landscape.

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