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In a recent addition of WITI Fox-6 Legal Matters, Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP Attorney, Ray Dall'Osto provided some additional insight into the recent ruling by Dane County Circuit Judge, Juan Colas regarding the constitutionality of Act 10. In this ruling, Colas struck down the controversial Act 10 law as it applies to the collective bargaining rights of teachers unions indicating that it violates both the State and US Constitutions. The Act 10 Law was introduced by Governor Scott Walker and took away most collective bargaining rights for many public employees.

Coming on the heels of his son, James Donegan's, murder charge, Judge Thomas Donegan has announced that he will be retiring on November 30 of this year.  GRGB's Frank Gimbelprovides some insight into the inner workings of the murder case in a recent edition of Fox 6 Legal Matters.


In response to the New Orleans Saints "Bountygate" scandal the NFL has issued groundbreaking discipline including suspensions for coaches, front office executives and players alike, a fine of $500,000.00 and forfeiture of second round draft picks in 2012 and 2013. Among the player suspensions, linebacker Jonathan Vilma was suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for a period of one year without pay. In the fallout surrounding the Bountygate scandal and the ensuing suspensions the information the question of Vilma's role has been debated and investigated by the NFL.

According to Vilma's complaint on March 2, 2012, Roger Goodell and the NFL issued a press release relating to the Bounty Rule investigations and a March 2, 2012 report to all NFL clubs detailing certain findings from the investigation. In the March 2, 2012 club report, Goodell refers to certain Saints defensive players, and specifically alleged that Vilma offered $10,000 bounty for any player that knocked Brett Favre out of the playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings.


As a result of recently upheld Affordable Healthcare Act, Republicans are now taking steps to get the law repealed. In a recent edition of Legal Matters, GRGB's Frank Gimbel joins FOX6 WakeUp to shed a legal perspective on this sticky situation.  Attorney Gimbel suggests that this is not the end of the political firestorm, but rather, it now will become a key platform issue for political campaigning as we move towards the elections this fall.

The Healthcare Reform Law - or Patient Protection and Affordability Act (also known as Obama Care), has sparked massive debate since its inception. In the waning days of the current Supreme Court Session, people on both sides of the issue anxiously wait to see if it will be tossed out as unconstitutional.

GRGB'S Frank Gimbel takes a moment in the following video to sit down with WITI-Fox6's Kim Murphy to add clarity to this highly charged law.

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