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Milwaukee, WI divorce attorney

By Attorney Max Stephenson

Although studies show that approximately 40 to 50 percent of all U.S. marriages end in divorce, 70 percent of those spouses who get a divorce end up remarrying later in life. A second marriage can bring much happiness and a new lease on life for those people whose first unions did not work out. However, to avoid rushing into a second marriage shortly after a divorce, some states have a mandatory waiting period. Be sure to brush up on your state’s guidelines and contact an experienced divorce attorney before considering remarriage.


Milwaukee, WI business attorneyMilwaukee, WI business attorneyBy Attorney Chris Strohbehn and Attorney Russel Karnes


Business interruption insurance helps replenish lost income and pay for additional expenses when a business is affected by a fire, natural disaster, or break-in. Typically, business interruption insurance involving a pandemic, such as COVID-19, is uncommon. However, with thousands of businesses throughout the state affected by coronavirus, the state of their current affairs remains uncertain. It is important to understand how business interruption coverage can protect your Wisconsin business, so you are prepared for the future.


Milwaukee, WI estate planning attorney wills and trusts

By Attorney Denis J. Regan

During unpredictable times such as a health crisis, it is only natural for individuals to think about the future of their assets if something were to happen. Legally protecting your family assures your assets will pass according to your wishes after you have passed away. That is why it is critical to plan ahead and create an estate plan with the help of a knowledgeable attorney who can make sure your wishes are carried out. 


Milwaukee, WI personal injury attorney

By Attorney Jaclyn Kallie 

When a car accident, pedestrian accident, or wrongful death causes harm to you or someone you love, it can disrupt your entire life. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, a department within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 39.5 million people are injured around the globe every year. You should not be stuck with lost wages, medical bills, and additional financial burdens because of your injury. The best way to settle your case and receive maximum compensation is to hire a skilled personal injury attorney.


Milwaukee criminal defense attorney for domestic violence and COVID-19By Attorney Nicole Masnica

The COVID-19 crisis and statewide quarantine required many families to stay in their homes together for far more time than under normal circumstances. This difficult time has been complicated even further because many have suffered financially, lost employment and have had to deal with a disruption in school or care for their children. Unfortunately, these added stressors can result in an unstable and tumultuous home life and even in the worst circumstances, domestic violence.

Domestic violence affects families around the nation and throughout the world. Discord in familial relationships is very complex, and if you have been accused of perpetrating this type of sensitive crime, you will want to understand the nature of the charges, your options for defense, and how a criminal prosecution and conviction for this type of offense can impact your family and life going forward.


Milwaukee, WI family law attorney for divorce during COVID-19By Attorney Max Stephenson

The coronavirus has had a staggering effect on the United States’ business infrastructure, the unemployment rate, and the economy as a whole, but it has also had a more personal impact, affecting our family dynamics and how we go about our daily lives. Currently, many states and cities are attempting to reopen the economy and work towards introducing a new normal. However, for those who are in the midst of a divorce or child custody case, that new normal will contain a variety of additional issues that will need to be addressed.

Whether you need to address trial postponements or child custody orders, you may be struggling with uncertainty about how your case should be handled. To ensure that these matters are addressed properly, you should work with a family law attorney who can help you determine the best steps to take to achieve success in your case. 


Milwaukee civil litigation attorneyMilwaukee fraud lawyerBy Ray Dall’Osto and Chris Hayden

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires each of the nationwide credit reporting companies — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — to provide individuals with a free copy of their credit report, at their request, once every 12 months. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act of March 2020 also gives consumers some credit protections. It dictates how companies that send data to the credit bureaus will report accounts for which consumers have payment accommodations in place. If a consumer has an accommodation, and they live up to their end of the deal, an account that had been current previously will continue to be reported that way for both account status and payment history, assuming compliance with the accommodation. A consumer can also ask lenders to add a code to their credit report to indicate that they were “affected by a natural or declared disaster.”

The Federal Trade Commission announced in May 2020 that an agreement has been reached with the nationwide credit reporting companies to allow for free, weekly credit reports, not just one free report per year. Given the increase in the number of scams and frauds that are accompanying the coronavirus pandemic (e.g., fraudulent unemployment compensation applications using hacked personal information), individuals should be more careful, and they can now make themselves better aware, by more frequently checking their credit histories at the official website noted below.


Milwaukee, WI nursing home liability attorneyBy Attorney Jaclyn Kallie

Nationally, COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes have exceeded 20,000.  Faced with a potential flood of lawsuits, states are granting emergency protections from claims of inadequate care. In Wisconsin, health care providers have been granted immunity from civil liability, with certain exceptions, for injuries, deaths, or other types of damages resulting from their services during the COVID-19 crisis. This immunity provision, found in a newly created statute, sec. 895.4801, is part of a larger COVID-19 relief law that was signed into law by Gov. Tony Evers on April 15.

The law grants immunity to health care “providers” and “professionals,” which includes hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities (Residential Care Apartment Complexes, Community Based Residential Facilities, and Adult Family Homes), hospice, physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and physical, speech, and occupational therapists. This immunity also covers employees, contractors, and agents of the aforementioned providers and professionals.


Milwaukee property tax assessment attorneyBy Russell J. Karnes

Residents and commercial property owners across Milwaukee and Wisconsin are in sticker shock after receiving notices of huge increases in real estate property tax assessments in the mail. Property owners must be left to wonder: what in the world is the assessor thinking? Milwaukee’s assessors, in particular, could not have sent their revaluation notices at a worse time. While the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has shuttered many businesses and put people out of work, property owners are looking for ways to cut expenses to keep their homes and maintain tenants. Property owners are now left to worry about the potential for big increases in next year’s property tax bills because of higher assessments.

While Wisconsin property owners have little or no control over tax rates, the time to object to property tax assessments and challenge assessed values is now.


Milwaukee insurance litigation lawyer coronavirusBy Attorney Chris Strohbehn and Law Clerk Nathan Froemming.

Has your insurance claim for business interruption been denied despite the presence of a “contamination clause” in your insurance policy? The coronavirus has caused businesses to close across the nation, resulting in lost revenue for many small business owners. As a result, many businesses, especially restaurants and bars, are reviewing their insurance policies to see if they can file an insurance claim to seek relief.

One common provision found in insurance policies is a “contamination clause.” For example, an insurer may pay for lost business income caused by “‘Contamination’ that results in an action by a public health or other governmental authority that prohibits access to described premises or production of your product.” Furthermore, “contamination” is defined in some policies as “a defect, deficiency, inadequacy or dangerous conditions in your products, merchandise, or premises.” This is the language found in one insurance policy, so different policies might have different language or exclusions that may impact the coverage. An insurance claim will always depend on the terms of an individual policy, so remember to look at your own policy.

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