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Milwaukee embezzlement defense lawyer white collar crimeBy Ray Dall’Osto and Brianna Meyer

If you pay attention to the news, you will often see stories about an employee being charged with embezzlement. A common embezzlement fact pattern involves an office manager or bookkeeper who is accused of diverting their employer’s money to his personal account, often in small increments over a long period of time, or charging and purchasing personal items using the employer’s credit. Another situation involves a company officer, attorney, or trustee who diverts funds they are entrusted with for their personal use or for another, without the company’s or client’s knowledge and permission.  

By the time the employer or entity detects possible impropriety and embezzlement, thousands to millions of dollars will have gone unaccounted for. A 2017 study of embezzlement cases nationally found the median loss to be at $300,000 and the average loss over $1 million.


Milwaukee white collar crime defense lawyer identity theftIdentity theft occurs when someone utilizes another person’s personal information without their permission and uses this information to commit fraud or other crimes. With today’s technology, this type of white collar crime can be easy to perpetrate, and it can take place in a variety of settings.

For example, a recent data recent breach at a major credit reporting agency affected 143 million consumers. The hackers accessed Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and driver’s license numbers. This personal information is now readily available and could be used to take out loans or credit cards. 

Identity theft is also prevalent in filing income taxes. An identity thief can utilize a taxpayer's personal information to file a tax return and receive a refund without the taxpayer's knowledge before the taxpayer has a chance to file their own return.


Milwaukee WI fraud and embezzlement defense attorneyThe term “white collar crime” was coined in the 1930s to describe a legal violation by a “person of respectability and high social status” made in the course of their work. Since then, white collar crimes have grown in number and complexity, and they typically involve nonviolent criminal activity that is committed for financial gain. These crimes are often committed in commercial or business situations.

Because of the ever-increasing complexity that white collar crimes present, those accused of these types of criminal charges should be represented by an attorney who knows how financial institutions work. The practices of banks, accountants, lending agencies, and taxing authorities are often at the center of white collar cases. In addition, there are various agencies that may be involved in the investigation of any sort of alleged white collar crime, including state attorneys general, the FBI, or the SEC. 

Some common white collar crimes include:


Wisconsin child abuse charges defense lawyerWhile being arrested and charged with any type of crime is a serious matter, certain offenses are considered sensitive crimes and can result in both criminal charges and negative consequences to a person’s life. A criminal conviction for child abuse or neglect may impact a person’s family relationships, the custody of his or her children, and even one’s career. 

If you have been accused of child abuse or neglect, you should be sure to understand the nature of the charges and your options for defense.

Child Abuse and Neglect Under Wisconsin Law

The potential charges related to child abuse or neglect can vary depending on the nature of the alleged offense. Wisconsin law identifies the following types of abuse and neglect towards children under the age of 18:


drug crimes, drug possession, drug possession conviction,  possession of a controlled substance, Milwaukee criminal defense attorneyThe state of Wisconsin treats drug crimes very seriously. While drug distribution or trafficking can result in lengthy jail sentences or extensive fines, simply being in possession of an illegal drug (known as a controlled substance) can also lead to severe punishments. Those who are facing drug charges for possession should be sure to understand how Wisconsin laws affect them.

Penalties for Drug Possession

Under Wisconsin law, it is illegal to possess or attempt to possess a controlled substance, unless a person has a valid prescription or is legally authorized to possess the drug in question. Controlled substances are grouped into different “schedules” depending on their potential for abuse and their accepted use for medical treatment.


computer crimes, hacking, trafficking passwords, federal computer crimes, Milwaukee criminal defense attorneyIn today’s digital world, we spend a great deal of time using computers and communicating with others on the Internet. Due to the increased importance of electronic communication, law enforcement organizations are cracking down on computer crimes (also referred to as cyber crimes or hacking). However, many people may not realize that they have committed any illegal acts, so it is important to understand what is considered a computer crime and the possible penalties that an alleged hacker may face.

Wisconsin Computer Crimes

Under Wisconsin law, computer crimes fall into two categories:


drinking ticket, under age drinking, Milwaukee criminal defense attorney, college drinking, student conduct policyBy: Attorney Steven McGaver and Law Clerk Ken Baker

An underage drinking ticket in Wisconsin faces a penalty of a fine from $250 to $500 for the first offense. Many students believe that this is the end of their punishment and the consultation of an attorney is not necessary. Moreover, students wrongly think that if their drinking tickets take place off-campus, they are immune from disciplinary action from the University. However, this is not the case. Recently, Universities have become increasingly strict about underage drinking and have started using these drinking tickets as a way to impose additional academic punishments.

According to one university’s student conduct policy, the university “reserves the right to investigate and subsequently take university action for behavior of students in off-campus situations.” Even more surprising to some students is that the university has the right to discipline students because of their actions while studying abroad. Universities have the power to discipline a student in a number of ways including:


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Milwaukee criminal defense attorney, Making a Murderer, rape, Teresa Halbach, Steven Avery caseBy James Lewis

This week Circuit Court Judge Angela Sutkiewicz of Sheboygan County considered whether to grant a new trial in the Steven Avery case; a case that captured the country’s attention with the popular Netflix series, “Making a Murderer.” The case centers on the alleged rape and murder of Teresa Halbach. The Netflix mini-series highlights the unusual police investigation and trial that resulted in Avery being convicted and sentenced to life in prison. However, the newest development that is not documented in the mini-series is the court’s denial of Avery’s motion for a new trial. As grounds for the denial, the court held that Avery ignored a procedural rule that requires a defendant to prove new evidence was not available in previous post-conviction motions.

This latest motion for a new trial is Avery’s second attempt to have a jury re-hear the case. Avery’s attorney argued that developments in DNA testing and ballistic forensics constituted “new evidence” under Wisconsin law and required the court to grant a new trial. The court’s denial of Avery’s motion for a new trial addressed three specific claims of “new evidence.”


fake id in wisconsin, milwaukee criminal defense lawyerDrinking alcohol under age 21 as well as using a fake ID that states you are of age, is illegal. Fake ID charges can have far-reaching consequences and should be taken seriously. Those who are underage should be aware that mere possession of a fake ID—even if it belonged to an older sibling—is a crime. It is also a crime to present the fake ID to a bar, restaurant, or store in Wisconsin

Penalties Under Wisconsin Law

If it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you possessed or used a fake ID, you could face several penalties. Wisconsin law provides for a fine of $300 to $1,250, suspension of driving privileges for 30 to 90 days, community service, or any combination of these penalties. Exactly what sentence you receive will depend on the judge, your criminal history, and the severity of the offense. For example, if you were buying significant amounts of alcohol or were extremely inebriated at the time of your arrest, you may face harsher penalties. 


teen drug use in wisconsin, Milwaukee criminal defense lawyerA recent study shows that the use of many illegal substances is down among U.S. teens. The only substance that did not see a decline in usage was marijuana, which remained stable. Conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH), the results are based on the Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey of teenagers in the eighth, tenth and twelfth grades. Public health officials are encouraged by the findings and believe that consistent and fact-based public service campaigns have contributed to the declining numbers.

Alcohol and Cigarette Use Declines

The number of teens who reported that they have “been drunk” in the past year are at the lowest point ever in the MTF survey’s history.  In 2016, 37.3 percent of high school seniors reported in the survey as being drunk at least once. This number peaked in 2001, when 53.2 percent of seniors reported that they had been drunk at least once in the previous year.

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