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Milwaukee white collar crime defense lawyer identity theftIdentity theft occurs when someone utilizes another person’s personal information without their permission and uses this information to commit fraud or other crimes. With today’s technology, this type of white collar crime can be easy to perpetrate, and it can take place in a variety of settings.

For example, a recent data recent breach at a major credit reporting agency affected 143 million consumers. The hackers accessed Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and driver’s license numbers. This personal information is now readily available and could be used to take out loans or credit cards. 

Identity theft is also prevalent in filing income taxes. An identity thief can utilize a taxpayer's personal information to file a tax return and receive a refund without the taxpayer's knowledge before the taxpayer has a chance to file their own return.


Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers, healthcare fraud, upcoding, identity theft, improper billing, false insurance claimsHealthcare is one of the largest industries in the United States with billions of health insurance claims being processed every year and trillions of dollars spent on medical care. The massive size of this industry and the complexity of insurance coverage and billing methods has led to prevalent abuse of the system as people and organizations seek to fraudulently enrich themselves. Healthcare fraud is common, and people should be aware of the possibility that they may face serious criminal charges if they commit this type of offense.

Common Types of Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud can be committed by medical providers, patients, or other people or organizations involved in the healthcare system. Some common forms of healthcare fraud include:


milwaukee identity theft lawyersBy Ray Dall'Osto

Bank accounts being secretly opened in your name by bank employees. Credit cards opened in your name, charges made, bills never received and never paid, and your credit rating taking a hit for something you never even knew about.  How could this be?

Letters from your mortgage lender warning that payment of your property taxes, water, sewer and special assessments are overdue and must be paid immediately.  But wait, all of my taxes and property-related bills are paid.  What gives?


Wisconsin defense attorney, Wisconsin criminal lawyer, Wisconsin white collar crimes attorneyWhite collar crimes are often complex and involve months and years of preparations before prosecutors bring formal charges. There is no official set of crimes under the law called white collar crimes. However, federal and state crimes involving fraud and finances are generally considered to be white collar crimes. These include things such as embezzlement, securities fraud, computer crimes, and identity theft.

Dangers of a Lengthy Investigation

Because white collar crimes often involve many different sets of financial records and a complicated set of facts, the investigations are often lengthy. Law enforcement investigations may span months, or even years..


Wisconsin defense attorney, Wisconsin criminal lawyer, white collar crimeIdentity theft occurs when one individual uses another individual’s personal identifying information to obtain certain benefits, such as using a credit card to purchase clothing or a medical card to receive medical treatment. Basically, anything you use to identify yourself is considered personal identifying information, except for those records that are available to the general public. Personal information includes Social Security numbers, places of employment, DNA profile, fingerprints, bank or credit card account numbers, driver’s license, security codes and even online accounts and passwords.

Due to the rapidly changing technological environment of the world today, identity theft has spread like wildfire. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 16.6 million people experienced identity theft across the United States, which resulted in $24.7 billion in financial losses. The two most common types of identity theft involve credit cards and bank accounts. The Federal Trade Commission reported that over 3,635 citizens of Wisconsin fell victim to identity theft. More than 1,500 of those cases involved government documents or benefits and over 470 cases involved credit cards.

If you, or someone you know is wrongfully being investigated for identity theft, you should consult an experienced identity theft attorney to fight the charges and clear your name.

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