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construction defect allegations, commercial litigation, construction defects, Milwaukee commercial litigation attorneys, comparative negligenceContractors and construction companies take a great deal of pride in their work ensuring that the buildings and construction projects they work on meet standards for quality and safety. Unfortunately, situations can occur in which a contractor is accused of performing shoddy or substandard work, and allegations of construction defects may involve damage to a property or bodily injuries. If you are facing these types of allegations, it is important to work with a skilled commercial litigation attorney who can help protect your rights and provide you with a defense against these claims.

How Can a Wisconsin Litigation Attorney Help?

An attorney can provide a wide variety of services in cases involving construction defects, including:


Milwaukee prenuptial agreement lawyers, Wisconsin prenup, marital property agreement, marriage and finances, spouse’s rightsIf you are planning to get married, you are likely looking forward to a future of happiness and partnership with your spouse. However, you may also wish to make sure you are protected should your marriage ever come to an end. A prenuptial agreement can be beneficial, especially if you or your fiancée earn a high income or own a business or if one of you has children from a previous relationship. This type of agreement can provide peace of mind that your financial interests will be protected, and it can help you avoid conflict if you decide to get a divorce.

What Can Be Included in a Prenup

Under Wisconsin law, a prenuptial agreement is also known as a marital property agreement and can include the following:


Milwaukee personal injury lawyers, Uber driver car accident, Uber driver car liability, Uber lawsuit, liability insurance policyModern technology has brought many conveniences to our lives, including the ability to find transportation through ride-sharing apps like Uber. These services make it easy to be picked up and dropped off wherever a person needs to go. Moreover, they allow drivers to supplement their income through the use of their personal vehicle. However, the increasing number of Uber drivers on the road means that car accidents involving these drivers are likely to occur. People who have been involved in a collision with an Uber driver should understand their options for receiving financial compensation.

Uber Insurance Policies

Uber drivers are covered by the company’s liability insurance policies, although coverage varies depending on whether a driver is waiting for a ride request, traveling to pick up a rider, or transporting a rider in their vehicle.


disabled employees, Milwaukee employment law, Milwaukee employment law attorneys, employee disability,  employee accommodationsThe laws in the United States provide employees with certain protections if they have a disability, thus ensuring they will not face discrimination because of any physical or mental conditions they experience. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers to provide disabled employees with reasonable accommodations that will allow them to have the same employment opportunities as other employees.

However, while the concept of “reasonable accommodations” may seem clear when it comes to meeting an employee’s needs in the workplace (such as ensuring a workplace is wheelchair accessible), it becomes less so when considering requests for employee leave. An understanding of employment law is often required when determining whether leave requests fall under the umbrella of reasonable accommodations.

What is a Reasonable Accommodation?


Wisconsin property tax assessment lawyers, property tax assessment, appeals process, property tax assessment, Wisconsin  tax liabilities, property tax appealOwnership of residential or commercial real estate provides many benefits, but it also brings tax liabilities. Wisconsin property owners must pay property taxes every year, and these taxes are based on the assessed value of the property. However, errors are sometimes made during property tax assessment, and property owners may appeal the assessment of their property in order to reduce their tax burden.

The Assessment Appeal Process

Municipal assessors conduct assessments of properties on an annual basis, and property owners are notified if the assessment of their property changed from the previous year. If a property owner believes the assessment of his or her property’s value is not correct, he or she should first contact the assessor to review records and determine the factors that influenced the assessment.


Milwaukee personal injury lawyer, Wisconsin motorcycle safety, motorcycle accident prevention, motorcycle accidents, motorcycle injuriesAs the weather begins to warm up in the spring and summer months, more and more motorcycles will be appearing on Wisconsin’s roads. Unfortunately, while motorcyclists have the same rights on the road as other vehicles, they are much more likely to be seriously injured in a collision. In fact, around 2,000 motorcyclists are injured and dozens of cyclists and their passengers are killed in motorcycle accidents in Wisconsin every year. In order to protect the safety of everyone who uses the road, both cyclists and drivers of other vehicles should practice the following safety tips:

Safety Tips for Cyclists

  • Wear a helmet. While Wisconsin law only requires helmets for motorcyclists or passengers who are under the age of 18, it is highly recommended for everyone to wear a full-coverage helmet, which can greatly reduce the possibility of brain injuries.


Milwaukee corporate law attorneys, shareholder agreements, commercial litigation, Wisconsin business owner, shareholder sharesStarting a new business is an exciting time. Business owners put a great deal of thought into their plans for their company, and setting those plans into motion can be immensely satisfying. However, decisions made at the beginning of a business venture can greatly impact a business’s future. Therefore, it is important for business partners to plan for the future and ensure that their rights are protected. One way to do so is through a shareholder agreement. Furthermore, having this type of agreement in place can help safeguard against future commercial litigation if disputes should ever arise between partners.

What Should be Included in a Shareholder Agreement?

A shareholder agreement, also known as an operating agreement, is a contract between the people who have an ownership interest in a company. The agreement outlines the shareholders’ rights and ensures that each person’s interests are protected. Moreover, the agreement may additionally describe how certain types of disputes will be resolved if they should arise in the future.


computer crimes, hacking, trafficking passwords, federal computer crimes, Milwaukee criminal defense attorneyIn today’s digital world, we spend a great deal of time using computers and communicating with others on the Internet. Due to the increased importance of electronic communication, law enforcement organizations are cracking down on computer crimes (also referred to as cyber crimes or hacking). However, many people may not realize that they have committed any illegal acts, so it is important to understand what is considered a computer crime and the possible penalties that an alleged hacker may face.

Wisconsin Computer Crimes

Under Wisconsin law, computer crimes fall into two categories:


Milwaukee family law attorneys, divorce process, domestic violence,restraining orders, joint legal custodyDivorce is rarely an easy or simple process, but it can become much more complicated when domestic violence is a factor. In these cases, it is incredibly important for victims to receive the protection they need. In Wisconsin, domestic violence can affect the divorce process in the several ways.

Restraining Orders

A victim of domestic violence who plans to divorce his or her abuser may receive protection through a domestic abuse restraining order. Wisconsin law defines domestic abuse as the threat or infliction of harm or physical injury by one adult to another when the adults are members of the same household, are former spouses, or have a child together. Stalking and damaging personal property are also forms of domestic abuse.


Milwaukee bike accident attorneys, concussions, bicycle accidents, traumatic brain injuries, 
bicycle accident statisticsBicycling is a great way for people to get exercise while traveling, whether riders are doing so for recreation or commuting to work on a daily basis. However, bicyclists are at risk when they share the road with cars, trucks, and other vehicles— bicycle accidents are likely to result in serious injuries for bike riders.

Bike Accident Statistics

As more and more people travel on Wisconsin’s roads via bicycle, improvements have been made with the intent of increasing safety for bicyclists. While the number of injuries has decreased over the past few decades, there are still around 1,000 bicycle accidents in Wisconsin every year, and nearly every accident results in a bicyclist being injured or killed. In fact, in 2016, a bicycle accident resulted in the injury or death of a cyclist every 10.2 hours.

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