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Wisconsin Traffic Deaths Hit Historic Low

Posted on in Car Accidents

Wisonsin personal injury attorney, Wisonsin car crash lawyer, wrongful death lawsuitWisconsin state officials are celebrating the continued trend of declining traffic accident deaths on Wisconsin roads. In fact, the last time Wisconsin streets saw as few deaths as they did in 2014 the year was 1943. That statistic is particularly impressive given how many fewer drivers there were on the road in the 1940s. In fact, some estimates put the number of drivers in the 1940s as just 10 percent of what they are today. Although a variety of factors may play a role in this trend of decreasing traffic fatalities, much of it appears to be attributable to drivers’ own increased caution and safe driving decisions.

The Statistics

Wisconsin traffic fatalities have been falling over the past two years. 2013 saw only 517 fatalities, and 2014 figures were even lower, registering just 482. In fact, this drop in traffic deaths is part of a larger trend. Other Midwestern states have been seeing similarly declining fatality rates. Traffic safety officials have put forward numerous different explanations for these positive numbers.

Reasons for the Change

Many officials suggest that one of the biggest reasons for the change has been a change in the attitude of drivers about road safety. People are being more conscious about using seat belts, and incidents of drunk driving are down across the state, possibly as a result of increased police enforcement and educational spending on the hazards of drunk driving. Additionally, educational programs about the dangers of distracted driving, such as texting and driving, appear to be having an effect.

Technological improvements to cars are also partially responsible for these lower fatality rates. Cars are coming equipped with more airbags, and better designed safety systems. Additionally, the structural engineering of cars has been improving. Features like crumple zones and improved braking technologies are becoming more prevalent.

The roads themselves are also becoming safer. Civil engineers are increasing the use of roundabouts and rumble strips in order to decrease the potential for accidents. Other safety guards are also becoming more common, such as guardrails and medians to prevent crossover accidents.

Of course, just because this positive trend has become noticeable does not mean that there is not still room for improvement. Fifteen percent of people in Wisconsin still do not regularly use their seat belts, and drunk driving continues to be a danger. Many of the safety measures are starting to really show their effects, but there is still a way to go.

Even with reduced traffic fatalities, traffic accidents do still happen. If you or one of your loved ones was recently injured in a traffic accident, contact a qualified Milwaukee personal injury attorney today. Our firm is here to help you understand your options and get you the full and fair compensation that you deserve.
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