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Winter Tires versus Snow Chains: Determining the Best Option for Your Car

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Wisconsin accident attorney, injury liability, Wisconsin car crash lawyerWisconsin has seen dozen of automobile crashes and a handful of fatalities already this year. Most have been due to poor road conditions, thanks to the blanket of snow throughout much of the state. But are tire chains really the answer for Wisconsinites hoping to reduce their risk of an accident? Experts say probably not. Tire Chains: Winterization’s Dinosaur While tire chains can provide added traction on slushy or snowy surfaces, they are considered an ancient and ineffective way to improve maneuverability in the winter. Not only are they difficult to install, driving on them is often a hassle, especially since it is recommended that motorists drive at a very slow speed while they have them on. Chain breaks that can damage the vehicle or become a hazard, rutting of tires, and damage to highway surfaces are some of the other potential risks of using these antiquated devices. Moreover, experts say that, unless they are driving on mountain roads or roads that are not serviced by city or state officials, drivers really do not need to use tire chains. Instead, they can gain the traction they need through a newer, more modern solution — one that is actually safer and less damaging to their vehicle and the roads. Winter Tires – What They Are and Why They Work At first glance, winter tires look a lot like summer tires, but there is some serious technology and innovation at work — well beyond what can actually be seen. First, winter tires are made of softer more flexible materials, which helps them bend and grip the snow. And they have special tread and siping designs that help grip and dispel water, snow, and ice. Some even have studding that can improve the tire’s grip on slick roads; however, it should be noted that stud tires do have some restrictions on city and state roads, due to their propensity to cause road damage over time. In an Accident? Seek Legal Help Even with the help of chains or winter tires, poor road conditions can cause accidents. Those that suffer personal injury because of those accidents may be able to receive compensation. Of course, insurance companies do not want you to know this, so it is important to seek qualified legal assistance if you believe you have a claim. The experienced Milwaukee personal injury attorneys at Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP can help. To find out how, call 414-271-1440 and schedule a consultation today.




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