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Who Can Be at Fault for Truck Accidents in Wisconsin?

 Posted on March 29, 2022 in Truck Accidents

The State of Wisconsin has a high volume of trucks traveling its roads and highways every day. The size and weight of these trucks can often result in devastating accidents for other vehicles, bicyclists, or pedestrians involved in a crash. In recent years in Wisconsin, there has been an average of over 7,500 large truck crashes per year. These crashes resulted in an annual average of over 2,000 injuries and 70 deaths. Even minor collisions with trucks can result in personal injuries, leading to medical bills, time off of work, and pain and suffering.

The trucking industry and the drivers they employ must follow strict state and federal regulations for both the overall condition and the operation of their trucks to protect other vehicles on the roads. However, with the increased emphasis on just-in-time deliveries, violations can occur. Each truck accident can have multiple parties who may ultimately bear responsibility for the accident, including the truck driver, the carrier, or the warehouse that loaded the truck.

Possible Parties Responsible for Truck Accidents

  • Truck drivers – Truck drivers can cause accidents by speeding, driving recklessly, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Fatigued driving caused by intentionally working more hours than allowed can also lead to accidents. Truck drivers who hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) must meet higher standards than an average licensed driver since the vehicles they operate can cause much more significant damage if involved in an accident.  While service hours for drivers are regulated, violations do occur.

  • Trucking carriers - The carrier can contribute to a trucking accident through improper truck maintenance, negligent hiring or inadequate driver training, or falsifying logbooks to allow a driver to spend more than the allowed time on the road.  Truck maintenance issues that can cause or contribute to accidents include blown-out tires, broken or malfunctioning lights, and brakes that are worn or failed.

  • Warehouse or another facility – The warehouse or another facility where the truck was loaded can bear responsibility if a truck was improperly loaded or the load was not adequately secured, which ultimately led to the accident. If the cargo has not been adequately secured to the trailer, it may shift during operation and cause the driver to lose control of the truck. It could even spill onto the road, which can cause dangerous obstacles for other vehicles.

  • Product designers or manufacturers - If a defective truck component causes a crash, the company that designed or manufactured the defective product may be liable for damages.

Contact A Milwaukee, WI Truck Accident Attorney

Our dedicated trucking accident attorneys at Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP can work through the often-complex investigations after an accident and help you receive compensation for injuries and damages.  If you have been injured in an accident caused by a truck in Wisconsin, contact our Milwaukee truck accident attorneys today at 414-271-1440.



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