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What Disciplinary Action Can Be Taken Against a Wisconsin Medical License?

 Posted on December 19, 2019 in Medical License Defense

Milwaukee, WI doctor license defense lawyer

By Attorney Kristen Nelson

Doctors must be granted and maintain a medical license before they are allowed to practice medicine. Similar to a nursing license or any other professional license you can obtain in Wisconsin, there are rules and regulations that need to be followed to ensure that a doctor’s license will remain valid. The Wisconsin Medical Examining Board handles any issues involving issuing, limiting, revoking, or suspending a doctor’s medical license. If the Board determines that rules have been violated or that a doctor has acted in a way that warrants discipline, it may take action against a person’s medical license.

Disciplinary Action

A wide variety of issues can result in discipline to your medical license, including claims that you have committed medical malpractice, problems with record-keeping or financial matters, or substance abuse. The Department screens every complaint it receives. If the Department believes the complaint requires further review, it is referred to a Department investigator and assigned to a Department attorney. Once the investigation is complete, the Department with a liaison from the Board may close the case with no violation found, or offer a proposed Final Decision and Order, and a Stipulation. The parties can then agree to resolve the case, or if no resolution is reached, the case may proceed to an administrative hearing. If discipline is issued against a medical license, the following private or public disciplines may be imposed:

  • Administrative Warning: After an investigation, the board may issue a private and confidential administrative warning to a holder of a medical license. This warning is not public record, nor is it considered discipline, but it is kept in a licensee’s file. If another allegation is made against a licensee, the Board may rely upon the allegations in the administrative warning.
  • Public Education Order: The Board may order a licensee to take additional education courses related to the allegations in the complaint. These courses must be in addition to any required continuing education courses needed to maintain a medical license. This order is public, but it is not considered discipline for reporting purposes.
  • Reprimand, Suspension, and/or Monitoring Order: The Board may issue a Reprimand or suspend a license if the allegations are serious enough. As part of a Reprimand or a Suspension, the Board may require additional monitoring depending on the allegations. These monitoring conditions may include additional education, alcohol and drug monitoring, or employment limitations. If a license is suspended, the Board may stay the suspension, allowing the licensee to practice, as long as certain conditions relative to the order are met.  
  • Summary Suspension: If the Board finds that there is probable cause to believe that a licensee has engaged in or is likely to engage in conduct that may endanger the public health, safety, or welfare, the Board may issue an order for a summary suspension of the medical license. This order is effective upon service of the licensee and through the entry of a Final Decision and Order, unless the license is restored prior to a formal disciplinary hearing.  
  • Revocation or Voluntary Surrender: If the allegations are found to be particularly egregious and places the public at risk if the licensee is allowed to continue practicing, the Board may revoke a medical license. In the alternative, negotiations could result in the voluntary surrender of a license, which may allow the licensee to one day return to the practice of medicine.
  • A fine: In addition any of the above disciplines, a fine of any dollar amount may be issued along with the costs of the proceeds.

Contact a Milwaukee, Wisconsin Medical License Defense Attorney

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