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Uber Driver Liability in Personal Injury Cases

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Wisconsin accident attorney, injury liability, Wisconsin injury lawyerOver the last few years, the driving service, Uber, has grown tremendously. The number of new drivers has practically doubled every six months, and on any given day, at least 150,000 drivers log trips in the company’s system. In many ways, it has had a positive impact on America by reducing the number of drunk drivers on the road while providing average people with an easy way to make extra cash. Yet, despite its benefits, this rapidly growing business continues to spark some pretty serious questions regarding liability and personal injury.

Assaults on Drivers

Afraid that they may be at risk because of intoxicated or violent passengers, many Uber drivers have begun to record their trips, not just to reduce their own risk of complaints from riders, but to ensure they have evidence if they are assaulted. In one recent case, a California Uber driver claims to have been assaulted by a former Taco Bell employee.

The driver alleges that the passenger was drunk and started to behave “erratically.” Upon asking the passenger to get out of the car, the driver was reportedly struck by the passenger and pepper-sprayed. The driver is filing a lawsuit against the passenger, but he cannot file a claim with Uber because the company does not offer any real form of protection to their drivers. They rely, instead, on the insurance of the driver and any applicable state laws to govern if, how, and when a driver pursues any personal injury claims against their passengers.

Accidents with Uber

Another concern with Uber is that there have been a number of automobile accidents involving Uber drivers over the last couple of years. Though the drivers are not always at fault, such accidents raise questions about liability and accident coverage for victims. One such case involved the death of a six-year-old girl who was allegedly struck by an Uber driver while making her way through a crosswalk with her family.

Although Uber issued a statement, saying the driver had not been logged into their system at the time of the accident, the incident sparked some serious concerns over whether or not the personal auto insurance of their drivers is substantial enough to cover the cost of accidents. Most companies are required to carry higher minimums on their insurance to cover such accidents, but Uber stresses that it is a technology system, not a transportation system.

Seek Qualified Professional Help with Your Personal Injury Case

The complexities of the Uber situation clearly highlight just how complicated personal injury cases can be. There are many factors, laws, and variables to consider. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you contact a qualified Milwaukee personal injury attorney to assist in your personal injury case. With more than 40 years of experience, Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown LLP, can help. To schedule your consultation, call 414-271-1440 today.





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