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Truck Accidents: Safety Advocates Appalled by Trucking Highway Concessions Made in New Highway Bill

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Wisconsin truck accident attorney, Wisconsin injury lawyer,Wisconsin wrongful death attorneySince 2009, the number of deaths and injuries related to semi-trucks have increased 17% and 28% , respectively. And, in the last six years, Congress has been left with few alternatives to remedy some of the major contributing factors behind everyday dangers on the highway. The solution was to forge a bill that, on one hand, might improve safety, but — according to safety advocates — will turn around and diminish it again by giving in to some potentially dangerous concessions sought by the trucking industry.

The Big Concern over Truck Safety

While they fulfill a vital role in our economy today, semi-trucks pose a serious danger to other drivers. Large, oversized, and frighteningly powerful, they have the ability to cause chaos in an accident. A large number of drivers that come into contact with them are fatally injured. The majority of those remaining are often seriously injured. Of course, not all accidents are actually caused by the semis —but when they are, victims are often slighted, not just in life, but also in compensation.

Dangers of the New Bill

The new bill, which was recently signed by both Congress and the President, grants a number of concessions to the trucking industry. Pilot programs could put drivers as young as 18 behind the wheel, as long as they have received military training to operate a similar vehicle. It loosens the rest requirements for some drivers. Weight limits will increase, and special size exemptions will be granted to certain types of trucks operating in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota. The new bill also slows the process of requiring an increase on the minimums in liability insurance — a minimum that has remained the same, despite the rising cost of healthcare.

Injured in a Semi Truck Accident? Seek Experienced Legal Assistance

While the new bill continues to hinder the increase of compensation available to victims, the real difficulty is achieving compensation in the first place. Motor vehicle accidents are complex, and even when a life is lost, insurance companies will do their best to avoid paying out to victims and their families. Because of this, victims and their families should seek qualified professional help in their cases.

The skilled  Milwaukee truck accident attorneys at GRGB Law, can help. Dedicated to providing compassionate and aggressive representation to semi-truck accident victims and their families, we handle the difficult matters so that you can focus on grief or recovery. Ask how we can help with your case by scheduling your initial consultation. Call 414-271-1440 today.



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