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Traumatic Brain Injuries and Wisconsin Car Accident Cases

Posted on in Car Accidents

Milwaukee car accident attorneys, traumatic brain injuriesSeveral types of injuries can arise from a car accident and include broken bones, sprains, and lacerations. Additionally, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can also occur.

What is a TBI?

The brain is one of the body’s most complex organs, and it is especially vulnerable to injury. A TBI is sustained when the head is hit or quickly jerked. In the context of car accidents, a TBI can be sustained through whiplash or through an object striking the head.

Traumatic brain injuries can cause loss of consciousness and range in severity. Most people have heard of a mild TBI, which doctors also refer to as a concussion.

TBIs are common in car accidents. According to the Center for Disease Control, data from 2007 and 2013 shows that car accidents were the third leading cause of severe TBIs. This type of traumatic brain injury includes emergency room visits, hospitalization, and death. 

TBI Complications 

Because of the complexity of the brain, TBIs cause a variety of complications. If you have suffered from a TBI, you should not accept a quick settlement—traumatic brain injury complications can take months to fully be revealed and an accident victim should be thoroughly evaluated by a medical professional.

Also, treatment for TBIs is costly and a full recovery is not always guaranteed. TBIs can leave a victim changed emotionally and mentally for life.

TBI complications include difficulties with the following:

  • Memory;
  • Reasoning;
  • Sight;
  • Balance;
  • Communication;
  • Understanding;
  • Depression and anxiety;
  • Aggression; and
  • Social inappropriateness.

 TBIs are known to cause epilepsy and may increase the risk for brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. 

How a Lawyer Can Help Your Case

If you have been involved in a car accident where you sustained a TBI, you should consider retaining a lawyer. Based on the extent of your injuries and your life before the accident, a trained lawyer will be able to help determine a fair settlement in your case. 

Also, TBIs can be a difficult injury to fully convey to a judge or jury. Many people who suffer a TBI will seem healthy from the outside, even when his or her injury is at its worst. It is the lawyer's job to procure experts and gather other evidence that will explain your injuries to others.

Contact a Milwaukee, WI, Car Accident Lawyer

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