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Transportation Projects Commission Recommends Three Major Highway Projects

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Car Accidents

road construction, Wisconsin car crash attorney. Wisconsin injury lawyerPreventing the deadly crashes that lead to personal injury lawsuits is the responsibility of a lot of different parties. Drivers have a duty to use caution whenever they get behind the wheel. Automotive manufacturers are obliged to design and build safe cars for the drivers to use. Even state and local governments play a role, making sure that the roads and bridges are up to proper safety standards.

As a part of that ongoing effort, the Transportation Projects Commission has recently recommended three separate highway projects to the governor and the legislature. These three projects each focus on roads that have accident rates that exceed the national average. All told, the total price tag for the projects would be $670 million.

The Transportation Projects Commission

The Transportation Projects Commission is a branch of the state government that examines numerous different highway projects with an eye towards determining which ones ought to be funded by the legislature. The Commission makes decisions for which projects to recommend once every two years. The process begins with a preliminary review of all possible highway projects that the state could undertake. The ones that appear the most important to the Commission then move forward to the next stage, environmental impact studies. These studies assess both the positive and negative implications of any highway improvement from an environmental standpoint. Once the Commission reviews the environmental impact along with other data about these potential highway projects, it recommends to the legislature which ones are worth including in the budget.

The Commission itself is comprised of a group of 15 people. There are five state senators, as well as five assemblymen on the panel. The rest of the panel is made up of three citizen representatives, the governor, and the head of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

What Three Projects

This year, the Commission has recommended three major highway projects designed to improve road safety. The first proposal involves an expansion of WIS 50 between I-94 and 43rd ave. The current road is overly narrow, and two bridges along it are in need of repair. As a result, 70 percent of this stretch of road has an accident rate above the state average. Similarly, the Commission also proposed widening parts of I-94 and I-43, as certain parts of both of those highways have become dangerously congested and also experience abnormally high traffic accident rates. If you travel down these highways routinely, make sure you use extra care to avoid a dangerous accident.

While it is good to see the state government doing its part to keep the roads safe, there will always be traffic accidents. If you have recently found yourself the victim of another driver's carelessness, contact an experienced Milwaukee personal injury attorney today to learn about your options for receiving full, fair compensation for your injuries.
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