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Milwaukee, WI winter car accident lawyerBy Attorney Chris Strohbehn

Wisconsin is known for its long, relentless winters. Wisconsinites experience more than 30 snowstorms each year, forcing us to adapt to work, play, and drive in harsh conditions. To those who are no strangers to the snow, driving in inclement weather is normal, but accidents still happen. If you have been in a collision, understanding the factors surrounding liability for a winter weather car accident claims can prepare you for how to proceed.

Determining Liability

Rain or shine, drivers are expected to follow safe driving laws. When winter weather hits, it is important to take extra precautions by taking it slow, allowing extra travel time, and remembering that sudden braking and steering can cause loss of vehicle control. Not all car accidents cause life-altering injuries, but property damage is likely to occur in even the most minor fender benders.


car accident costs, Milwaukee personal injury attorneyCar accidents occur unexpectedly and even with insurance, property damage and personal injury costs can cause strain on any financial situation. One of the goals of a personal injury attorney is to help alleviate this burden. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, an average of over 100,000 car accidents occur each year with tens of thousands of people suffering from injuries. Unfortunately, a car accident can be a painful experience not just physically, but financially as well.

Costs begin as soon as a car accident victim requires emergency room treatment. A reported stated last year that, on average, an emergency room visit costs 40 percent more than a month’s rent. Additional medical costs vary based on the severity of the injury and treatment prescribed. Costs you can recover in a personal injury action or claim can include:

  • Ambulance fee;
  • Emergency room costs;
  • Hospital bills;
  • Chiropractic care and/or physical therapy; and
  • Prescription pain medication.

It is difficult to determine what the extent of the injuries immediately following a collision. In certain cases, injuries may not appear for days or even weeks after the accident has occurred. Even a minor car accident can still cause extensive damage and lasting pain. If you have been involved in a car accident, you may sustain injuries such as:

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