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Milwaukee winter car accident injury lawyerLearning to drive in Wisconsin’s winter weather is a skill unto itself. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures all increase the difficulty level of driving and, unfortunately, they also increase the chances of a car accident

Anyone getting behind the wheel this winter should familiarize themselves with the following tips in order to keep the roadways safe for everyone:

1. Use the Right Equipment

Winter tires are recommended in temperatures less than 44 degrees. Many people operate under the false notion that all-season tires are able to adequately handle winter driving. However, the rubber compound in all-season tires begins to freeze when temperatures go below 44 degrees. This means that such tires will be less effective at gripping the road. If you do not have winter tires, proceed with caution and the understanding that your car may not be able to handle all winter road conditions.


Milwaukee car accident lawyers, winter safety tips, winter weather driving, car accidents, personal injury caseAs the winter season begins in earnest, many of us are preparing for snow, ice, and cold weather. Along with having warmer clothing ready and making sure that our homes’ heating systems are in working order, it is also important to be aware of the increased danger of car accidents that drivers face when driving in winter conditions.

Top Causes of Winter Car Accidents

Every year, more than 1,300 people die and more than 116,000 people are injured in car crashes that occur on roads that are snowy, icy, or slushy. These conditions can make roads especially dangerous, and accidents often occur because of:


Wisconsin accident attorney, accident liability, Wisconsin injury lawyerIn winter, deer and other types of wildlife become more prominent on the roads. As a result, wildlife-related accidents increase. One recent case, which involved two vehicles and a deer in Georgia, caused the death of an 11-year-old child. Sadly, it is far too common of an issue.

 Wildlife-Related Accident Statistics

According to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), one in 17 cars is involved in an accident with wandering wildlife — about one every 39 minutes. The majority of those collisions occur on two lane roads, much like the one that recently took place in Georgia. Approximately 200 motorists are killed each year because of an accident involving wandering wildlife.

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