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Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconis accident lawyer, Wisconsin car crashe lawyerUsually, when people are involved in automobile accidents, they are concerned with their health and are happy to be alive. What most people forget, or fail to realize, is that in order to recover for your injuries, you will have to negotiate with an insurance company or file a lawsuit.

Once you determine that you do not have any injuries that require immediate medical attention, you should document everything you can about the accident and its impact on your daily life after the accident. This documentation will become useful when negotiating with an insurance company or if you decide to file a lawsuit. The more evidence or proof you have of your injuries and their impact on your life, the more successful your case will be. They also remind you of what happened months or years later when you have to recall the events in question.

If you were involved in an automobile accident, you should preserve as much evidence as possible and contact an experienced automobile accident attorney to evaluate your claim and advise you of the best course of action. Remember, in Wisconsin, you only have three years to file a lawsuit for any personal injuries you suffered as a result of an automobile accident.


Wisconsin accident attorney, Wisconsin injury lawyer,Wisconsin wrongful death attorneyTraffic accidents involving large trucks are unique. The average passenger automobile weighs approximately 3,000 pounds while a large truck weighs upwards of 10,000 pounds. Depending on what the trucks are hauling, they could weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When a large truck collides with passenger vehicles, the results can be catastrophic. In many cases across the United States and Wisconsin, truck accidents involve multiple parties, serious injuries or even death.

According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”), in 2013, large trucks were involved in an estimated 342,000 traffic accidents across the United States. Approximately 95,000 people suffered injuries as a result of these accidents, while 3,964 lost their lives. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation indicated that large trucks were involved in approximately 5,882 traffic accidents in Wisconsin. As a result of these accidents, an estimated 1,800 individuals suffered injuries while 71 individuals lost their lives.

Truck Driver Error Leads to Many Accidents


Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconis accident lawyer, car crashesRecently, the Wisconsin state Assembly voted on a measure that would increase the speed limit on certain highways from 65 mph to 70 mph. The bill passed by a vote of 76 to 22, and it now moves to the Senate where it is also expected to pass. The bill, Assembly Bill 27, gives the Department of Transportation the authority to increase the speed limit on freeways and expressways in the state. However, there are some concerns that the new speed limit will lead to an increase in the number or severity of traffic accidents. Consequently, drivers should be one the lookout for new speed limit signs, and should exercise extra care on highways.

The New Bill

If the new bill passes the senate, it would increase the speed limit on freeways and expressways across the state. Importantly, the bill has special definitions of freeways and expressways, so that the increase will be uniform. A freeway is a state highway with four or more lanes separated by a barrier that has limited intersections. An expressway is defined similarly, though the expressway must also be recognized as such by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.


Wisonsin personal injury attorney, Wisonsin car crash lawyer, Milwaukee car crash attorneyWhen looking to assign fault in a traffic accident, most people focus on the two drivers involved. Yet, they are not the only people with control over the situation. There are times when the crash happened because of a mistake made by the car's manufacturer or designer - resulting in a vehicle defect - rather than by either of the drivers who were in the crash. From this standpoint, there are three major mistakes by a car company that can cause an accident: manufacturing defects, design defects, and failure to warn or properly instruct consumers about the danger.

Manufacturing Defects

One possible way that a car company could be at fault for a crash is if there was a manufacturing defect. A manufacturing defect occurs when the car is properly designed and should be safe, but there is an error in how it is put together. For instance, if a car is assembled at the factory in such a way that the brake pads are likely to fall off, that would be a manufacturing defect. In order to recover for a manufacturing defect, a victim must show five things:


Wisonsin personal injury attorney, Wisonsin car crash lawyer, Milwaukee truck accident attorneyAny traffic accident has the potential to cause death or serious injury, but truck accidents can be especially problematic. A truck’s sheer size and weight can mean that truck accidents are especially likely to result in fatalities. In fact, according to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, large trucks represented only four percent of vehicles on the road, but they were involved in eight percent of fatal accidents.

There are a host of factors that make truck accident lawsuits different than lawsuits about ordinary traffic accidents, however many of them stem from two causes. First, truck drivers are professionals, which mean that they have different regulations and legal duties. Second, collecting and managing evidence in cases with large truck accidents is very different.

Professional Drivers

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