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Milwaukee property tax assessment attorneyBy Russell J. Karnes

Residents and commercial property owners across Milwaukee and Wisconsin are in sticker shock after receiving notices of huge increases in real estate property tax assessments in the mail. Property owners must be left to wonder: what in the world is the assessor thinking? Milwaukee’s assessors, in particular, could not have sent their revaluation notices at a worse time. While the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has shuttered many businesses and put people out of work, property owners are looking for ways to cut expenses to keep their homes and maintain tenants. Property owners are now left to worry about the potential for big increases in next year’s property tax bills because of higher assessments.

While Wisconsin property owners have little or no control over tax rates, the time to object to property tax assessments and challenge assessed values is now.


Milwaukee real estate lawyer for mechanic’s liensBy Attorney Jaclyn Kallie

Homeowners often hire a general contractor to perform work on their property. The general contractor, in turn, may hire subcontractors to fulfill specific tasks. When the homeowner pays the general contractor their fee, they may assume that the general contractor will be found at fault if a subcontractor is not paid by the general contractor. However, in some cases, a mechanic's lien may be placed against the homeowner if a subcontractor does not receive payment, and real estate litigation may be necessary to settle issues related to these types of liens.

What Is a Mechanic's Lien?

Mechanic's liens laws, also sometimes called “construction liens, ” provide security for laborers and suppliers. The term "mechanic" refers to a physical laborer,  such as a construction worker. A lien is the right given to another party by a homeowner to secure a debt. Mechanic's liens give homeowners the incentive to provide laborers with timely and reasonable payment for their work by putting the homeowner’s land up as collateral if payment is not received.


Milwaukee civil litigation attorney for real estate disputesBy Attorney Jaclyn Kallie

Misrepresentation is the misstating of facts relevant to a property during a real estate transaction, and it is the most common claim made in real estate litigation cases. Misrepresentation typically takes the form of massaging facts to seduce the buyer into purchasing. Misrepresentation can include outright fraud, but it is mostly thought of as the gross exaggeration of the features relevant to real estate.  

Misrepresentation in Real Estate Litigation

Misrepresentation is a thorny issue, because it can be subjective. Real estate agents use hyperbole and exaggeration constantly when dealing with clients. A seller may use colorful language to entice a person to buy real estate, but if an exaggeration or misstatement has a significant financial impact, the buyer may have recourse to seek compensation. Misrepresentation mainly pertains to the hard facts and whether the approximation of the seller is more correct than wrong.  


Milwaukee real estate attorneys, residential transactions, purchase real estate, real estate offers, real estate transactionWhether you are selling your home, or thinking about buying a new home, you should consult with an experienced Wisconsin real estate attorney before you sign a residential offer to purchase. When a buyer makes an offer to purchase a home, and the seller accepts the offer, both parties typically sign a residential offer to purchase. The offer to purchase then becomes an enforceable contract. As a contract, the offer to purchase is the key document that governs the real estate transaction. Both parties are bound by its terms as they work towards completing home sale or purchase.

In order to ensure that the offer to purchase protects the parties’ rights and interests, and details the parties’ intentions, it is essential to consult with an attorney who can advise you and draft the offer to purchase in your favor. Some considerations for the offer to purchase include:

  • Financing and Appraisal Contingencies - Are you financing your home purchase? Most people are. Therefore, you probably need a financing and appraisal contingency to ensure that you can both afford the home purchase, and that the home has a sufficient appraised value. Understanding how these contingencies affect your home purchase as a buyer, or how their limitations might affect your home sale as a seller is critical to the success and timing of your real estate transaction. An attorney can help make sure these contingencies outline your needs and protect your interests.

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