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Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin car accident lawyerAutomobiles have come a long way in preventing deaths over the last few decades. This is mostly due to the extensive research and work done regarding head and chest injuries, which are the most likely to cause a crash fatality. Unfortunately, a new study suggests that those very same advancements that have reduced head and chest injuries may have inadvertently caused an increased risk in spinal injuries, which can also lead to severe injury or fatality in an automobile accident.

Side Impact, Seatbelts, and Airbags Took Priority

According to the Wisconsin researchers who uncovered the increased risk for spinal injuries, the main focus of automakers has been on the improvement of side impact crash ratings through the development of better airbags and seatbelts. New technology, such as making side-impact airbags standard on all vehicles after research found high death rates for side-impacts, also emerged. But as the features were added, seat designs were changed to accommodate. The end result has been an uptick in the number of lumbar spine injuries.


Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin accident lawyerMore than 80 percent of drivers in the annual AAA Foundation Traffic Safety Culture Index recognize that there is a serious problem among drivers today – one that they say makes them feel less safe on the road than they did just a mere five years ago. That problem is distracted driving; more specifically, use of cell phones and other electronic devices while driving. It would make sense why they feel that way, considering distracted driving leads to approximately 5,000 deaths per year.

Campaigns, commercials, programs, and even cell phone promotions discuss the issue and encourage people not to text and drive. Sadly, the problem only continues to get worse, especially among young drivers. But New York is now pushing for a law that would allow police officers to check whether or not a cell phone was in use immediately before a crash. Could the device they will use be the answer to America’s distracted driver problem? Only time will tell for certain, but many are hopeful.

“Textalyzer” in Development Stage


Wisconsin injury attorney, Wisconsin child abuse lawyerWhen parents have to work, they rely on others to help with the care of their most prized possession: their children. Most of the time, these caregivers provide loving, compassionate, and competent care. But there are, unfortunately, those out there that do the unspeakable. People who put children in harm’s way or inflict physical or emotional injury. A daycare center in Mississippi is being accused of doing the latter, yet has reopened its doors. And the matter has, understandably, shaken an entire community.

Six Children Allegedly Abused

According to the Mississippi Department of Health and the Alcorn County Sheriff’s Department, six or more children may have been physically or sexually abused while in the care of the day care facility. The complaints were received from parents who said they believed the abuse happened while near or on the premises of the center, which includes a petting zoo, but no word has been given regarding who the alleged abuser or abusers may be.


Wisconsin dog bite lawyer, Wisconsin personal injury attorneyMost of the time, dogs truly are man’s best friend; they are companions, confidants, and family members. But when a dog is threatened, sick, stray, mistreated, or abused, it can lash out and bite. Sadly, humans, particularly children, are often on the receiving end (about 1,000 emergency room cases each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Some can be prevented, but many cannot; as such, knowing what to do in the event of a dog bite is the best course of action, particularly for parents of small children.

Victim Usually Knows the Dog

The first thing you should know about dog bites is that the victim usually knows the dog or its owner. They might not have a close enough relationship to fully understand the dog’s temperament or be immediately recognized by the pet, but they have at least seen or know of the pet. This can actually work in the favor of the victim since it can make it easier to determine whether or not the dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations.


Wisconsin burn injury attorney, Wisconsin personal injury lawyerBurns are one of the most commonly experienced injuries, particularly among children. Specifically, the American Burn Association estimates that approximately 486,000 burns require medical emergency treatment each year and approximately 40,000 require hospitalization. Thankfully, most instances are survivable and, if treated correctly, many burns have a positive long-term outcome. As such, it is important to know how to treat them, when to seek medical treatment for a burn injury, and what you can expect during treatment and the healing process.

Most Common Burn Causes

Burns can be caused by any source of heat, including steam, fire, hot liquids, or hot surfaces/items. They may also be caused by chemicals, excessive sun exposure, or electrocution. The most frequent causes in children include hot liquids, hot surfaces/items, sun exposure, and electrocution. It is important to note, however, that they can and sometimes are exposed to other burn causes, including chemicals and fire.


Wisconsin accident attorney, injury liability, Wisconsin personal injury lawyerIn February, a nearly 600-foot tall crane crashed onto the buildings, cars, and pedestrians in downtown Manhattan. One man, a Harvard-trained mathematician, was killed. Three others were injured. What rights do these individuals have under the law? Can they seek compensation? And just how difficult will the process be?

How Frequent Are Construction Site Injuries?

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, approximately 1.6 percent of all roadway crashes occur within construction work zones. Of those, approximately 0.6 percent were fatal (576 fatalities), 30 percent resulted in injury, and 69 percent caused only property damage. Most occur during active work hours (70 percent).


Wisconsin accident attorney, injury liability, Wisconsin slip and fall lawyerA recent study reveals that falls are the number one cause of serious eye injuries. Fighting came in as the number two reason why eye injuries occur.   The study results were recently presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). Statistics show that over the past decade, eye injuries caused by falls were responsible for almost 8,500 hospitalizations.

The study was conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University, who analyzed data collected from almost 47,000 patients who had been diagnosed with ocular trauma. The types of ocular trauma included the eye being pierced by some type of object and orbital fractures. The research team looked at the type of injury, cause of the injury, how long the patient remained in the hospital, and what the total cost of that hospital stay was. They also separated patients by age.

The data showed that the majority of those patients who received eye injuries in falls were typically age 60 years of age or older. Approximately 3,000 of those injuries occurred in slip and fall accidents, while another 900 happened because the patient fell down stairs.


Wisconsin injury attorney, Wisconsin accident lawyer, Wisconsin injury statutesIn personal injury cases, there are several different types of damages you may potentially be able to recover. One type of damages that is not well understood is punitive damages. These are a special kind of damages that are not available in all personal injury cases. They are only for extreme situations.

The Purpose of Punitive Damages

Most legal damages are designed to pay a party back for what they have lost due to the actions of another party. Money is usually the only way our court system has of making people “whole” after an accident. But, punitive damages, as the name suggests, are designed to punish defendants who acted beyond the normal boundaries of acceptable behavior.


Wisconsin injury attorney, Wisconsin accident lawyer, Wisconsin injury statutesActivities involving horses in Wisconsin are referred to as equine activities and the Wisconsin legislature has determined that these are inherently risky activities. As such, in many circumstances, if you are injured while riding a horse or at a horseback riding facility, you may not be able to sue anybody.

What Does “Inherently Risky” Mean?

Inherently risky means there is a danger or condition that is an integral part of equine activities including all of the following:


Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconis accident lawyer, Wisconsin wrongful death attorneyIn July, an almost four-month-old baby named Payton McCoy died after being put down for a nap at his daycare in Milwaukee. The caregiver of the home day care center told the police that she fed Payton a bottle formula around noon, and then swaddled him and laid him down on his back, on a cushion called a Snuggle Me Cushion, on a twin bed. An hour later she found him still swaddled, but with his head against the wall and part of his face over the gap between the mattress and the wall. The woman was not licensed by the state of Wisconsin, and the mother reported that she had previously asked the provider not to use that cushion with Payton.

The daycare provider has been arrested for neglect. The fact is, if such a nightmare situation ever occurs, there is not always recourse for parents against the provider, especially an unlicensed one who may not carry insurance.

Legal Recourse When a Daycare Incident Injures Your Child

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