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Milwaukee WI domestic abuse charges defense laywerFalse accusations of domestic violence are more common than one might think. They can be devastating to someone’s personal reputation and professional life. It is important to take these types of sensitive criminal charges seriously by hiring an experienced attorney who has defended clients against such accusations and understands the best way to proceed with a case. 

How Does the Law Define Domestic Violence?

While you may have an idea about what acts are commonly considered to be domestic violence by the general public, Wisconsin law specifies exactly what must transpire for a charge to be properly labeled as “domestic violence.”

Wisconsin State Statute 968.075(1) defines “domestic abuse" as any of the following engaged in by an adult person against his or her spouse or former spouse, against an adult with whom the person resides or formerly resided, or against an adult with whom the person has a child in common:


Wisconsin defense attorney, Wisconsin criminal lawyer, Wisconsin criminal lawsAlthough you often hear the term assault and battery as one phrase, they are actually very different.  Assault is one thing and battery is another. If someone has been battered, they have likely been assaulted as well, although the reverse is not necessarily true. What is true is that there are a variety of different circumstances that can give rise to charges of assault and/or battery, and the potential penalties depend on the facts of each case.

Assault and Battery Defined

In general, assault is defined as something which causes another person to fear imminent bodily harm. No physical contact is necessary for a person to be assaulted. Assault charges are often pursued in civil court, along with battery charges or independently.

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