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Milwaukee commercial litigation lawyerCommercial lease disputes can be costly and complex, due to long lease terms and the large amounts of rent payments involved. Often, once one side believes that there has been a breach of the lease, the most efficient way to resolve the problem is to bring in legal professionals who are experienced in commercial real estate and contract law.

A dispute between a commercial landlord and tenant is typically a contract issue at heart, with the lease being the controlling contract. There are numerous laws and cases that will determine what the various clauses of the lease mean in your case. Here are a few examples of common commercial lease disputes:

Vaguely Drafted Lease

If a lease is not properly drafted, commercial lease disputes are bound to occur. The key to properly drafting a lease is being clear as to what each party’s obligations and rights are. For example, the lease should state the proper person or entity who is leasing the property, what rights the tenant has to common areas, what renewal options are available, and what utilities are included in the lease. 


commercial real estate, Milwaukee real estate lawyer, carbon monoxide detection, Assembly Bill 904, carbon monoxide detection requirementsCarbon monoxide is a common by-product of combustion, and it is produced by automobile engines, fireplaces, stoves, grills, and furnaces. Unfortunately, this colorless, odorless gas is a serious threat to public safety. Across the United States, more than 500 people are killed and 10,000 people are injured by carbon monoxide poisoning every year.

In order to address the dangers of carbon monoxide, the Wisconsin Assembly recently introduced a bill which would change the requirements for carbon monoxide detectors in residential buildings. Owners of commercial real estate should be sure they understand these possible changes and are prepared to meet these requirements if the bill passes.

Updated Carbon Monoxide Detection Requirements


commercial real estate, zoning laws, Milwaukee real estate attorney, business property, leasing propertyStarting a new business is an exciting endeavor, but ensuring that you have met your legal requirements can be a complex process, especially when it comes to commercial real estate. Consider the following information when finding a location for your startup business.

Purchasing Vs. Leasing Property

Purchasing property for your business can be a great investment, allowing you more control over the property and its associated overhead costs. It can also provide tax benefits, and a fixed-rate loan will allow for a steady monthly payment rather than rent that may fluctuate according to market rates.

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