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Wisconsin injury attorney, Wisconsin accident lawyerHow would you feel if, while purchasing your next vehicle, you were told that the seatbelt was a “luxury” feature – one that would cost you extra? What about the airbag? It seems ludicrous to consider, yet this is exactly the issue that new car buyers are facing. New technology, such as forward collision warning, blind spot detection, automatic braking, and adaptive cruise control, are not considered “standard” vehicle features. They cost extra. Safety advocates are speaking out and pressing to change this. They believe safety and car crash prevention should not cost more.

Collision Avoidance High on the Agenda

Each year, more than two million drivers experience serious injuries in an accident, and another 19,000 are killed. Rear-end collisions account for about 1,700 of those fatalities and 500,000 injuries. In fact, rear-end accidents are one of the most common types of accident in the United States, accounting for about 1.7 million of all roadway crashes each year. Around 80 percent of them could be avoided, safety advocates say, if car makers would simply make collision avoidance technology standard in all vehicles.


Wisconsin injury attorney, Wisconsin car accident lawyerWhen accidents happen, victims need all the protection they can get. A recent study suggests that safety updates in vehicles, particularly those made to seatbelts and airbags, provide a certain level of risk reduction. However, injuries can and do still happen to auto accident victims. As such, it is important that you know what to do, should an accident happen to you.

Risk of Facial Fractures Reduced, but Not Eliminated

Using data from the National Trauma Data Bank, researchers from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center examined the risk of facial fractures among auto accident victims. What they found was that, out of 518,106 accident victims, 56,422 had suffered at least one facial fracture. Seatbelts were used by about 27 percent, 6 percent had an airbag, and 9 percent had both.


Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin car accident lawyerAutomobiles have come a long way in preventing deaths over the last few decades. This is mostly due to the extensive research and work done regarding head and chest injuries, which are the most likely to cause a crash fatality. Unfortunately, a new study suggests that those very same advancements that have reduced head and chest injuries may have inadvertently caused an increased risk in spinal injuries, which can also lead to severe injury or fatality in an automobile accident.

Side Impact, Seatbelts, and Airbags Took Priority

According to the Wisconsin researchers who uncovered the increased risk for spinal injuries, the main focus of automakers has been on the improvement of side impact crash ratings through the development of better airbags and seatbelts. New technology, such as making side-impact airbags standard on all vehicles after research found high death rates for side-impacts, also emerged. But as the features were added, seat designs were changed to accommodate. The end result has been an uptick in the number of lumbar spine injuries.


Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin accident lawyerMore than 80 percent of drivers in the annual AAA Foundation Traffic Safety Culture Index recognize that there is a serious problem among drivers today – one that they say makes them feel less safe on the road than they did just a mere five years ago. That problem is distracted driving; more specifically, use of cell phones and other electronic devices while driving. It would make sense why they feel that way, considering distracted driving leads to approximately 5,000 deaths per year.

Campaigns, commercials, programs, and even cell phone promotions discuss the issue and encourage people not to text and drive. Sadly, the problem only continues to get worse, especially among young drivers. But New York is now pushing for a law that would allow police officers to check whether or not a cell phone was in use immediately before a crash. Could the device they will use be the answer to America’s distracted driver problem? Only time will tell for certain, but many are hopeful.

“Textalyzer” in Development Stage


Wisconsin injury attorney, Wisconsin accident lawyer, Wisconsin car crash attorneyYou don’t think much about your car insurance company until you have been in a car accident. But, once you have had an accident, you will be dealing with them and any insurance company that insures the other driver, a lot. When the cause of an accident is clear, people often mistakenly think dealing with the insurance companies should not be a big deal.

Does Your Insurance Company Represent You?

The most important thing for you to realize is that no insurance company technically represents you in your car accident case. Even your own car insurance company is looking after their own interests. Insurance companies are for-profit organizations that do not make profits by paying out more than necessary in car accident claims.


Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconis accident lawyer, Wisconsin car crashe lawyerCommonly, when people are involved in automobile accidents, they inadvertently impair their legal rights by assuming they are not injured and making statements about this belief to police and witnesses. When you immediately tell people there is nothing wrong with you at the time of the accident, these statements can be used against you later on if you discover injuries after the accident and pursue legal action. Sometimes, injuries resulting from accidents display immediately, while others show up days or weeks later when you least expect it.

In 2012, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration  estimated that approximately 2.3 million people suffered injuries as a result of an automobile accident across the United States. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, approximately 28,000 individuals were involved in automobile accidents in Wisconsin in 2012. Many people walk away from accidents feeling happy to be alive. However, when the adrenaline wears off a few hours later, the pain may begin to set in.

Symptoms of Injuries Appearing after an Automobile Accident

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