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AAA Study Reveals Nearly 90 Percent of Drivers Engage in Risky Behavior behind the Wheel

Posted on in Car Accidents

Wisconsin car accident attorney, Wisconsin personal injury lawyerSomewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 people die in automobile accidents in the United States each year. Most of those accidents are due to human error and completely preventable, according to AAA. In fact, the organization’s recent study revealed that nearly 90 percent of drivers are engaging in risky behavior behind the wheel. And, sadly, far too many are paying the price.

Astounding 87 Percent of Drivers Admit to Risky Driving Behavior

Whether it is texting while driving, speeding, driving while under the influence, running red lights, or simply driving while fatigued, AAA found that 87 percent of all drivers engaged in risky behavior in the 30 days prior to their response to the study. Of those, 42 percent admitted to texting and 70 percent admitted to being on their phones, making distracted driving the most common risky driving behavior.

Another 32 percent admitted to driving fatigued, 48 percent confessed they had driven at least 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, and another 13 percent admitted to driving drunk or almost drunk. And, while no statistics were given on impaired driving through the use of prescription drugs, the study authors pointed out that this is yet another behavior that puts both the impaired driver and the rest of the community at risk.

Safe Driving Habits Prevent Accidents

While safe driving cannot prevent every accident, it does significantly reduce your risk. A few tips to follow include:

  • Never using a cellular phone while driving (this includes texting, talking, and app usage);
  • Never driving fatigued;
  • Following all traffic signs and signals;
  • Never driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including prescription drugs that may impair judgement or cause drowsiness);
  • Limiting nighttime driving;
  • Pulling off the road if weather becomes dangerous;
  • And always wearing your seat belt.

Involved in an Accident? An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Even if you have followed the rules of the road and are not at fault for an accident, insurance companies will try to do everything they can to push the blame onto you. As such, no driver should ever attempt to pursue compensation alone. The skilled and experienced Milwaukee personal injury attorneys of Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP can help you with your claim and provide aggressive representation for your case. To schedule your consultation, call our offices at 414-271-1440 today.




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