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Are Severe Spinal Cord Injuries More Common in Car Accidents Involving Newer Vehicles?

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Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin car accident lawyerAutomobiles have come a long way in preventing deaths over the last few decades. This is mostly due to the extensive research and work done regarding head and chest injuries, which are the most likely to cause a crash fatality. Unfortunately, a new study suggests that those very same advancements that have reduced head and chest injuries may have inadvertently caused an increased risk in spinal injuries, which can also lead to severe injury or fatality in an automobile accident.

Side Impact, Seatbelts, and Airbags Took Priority

According to the Wisconsin researchers who uncovered the increased risk for spinal injuries, the main focus of automakers has been on the improvement of side impact crash ratings through the development of better airbags and seatbelts. New technology, such as making side-impact airbags standard on all vehicles after research found high death rates for side-impacts, also emerged. But as the features were added, seat designs were changed to accommodate. The end result has been an uptick in the number of lumbar spine injuries.

Researchers Look for Answers

When data started pouring in, researchers began to take notice. They began to hold discussions and crash analyses to understand why lumbar injuries were becoming more common. And, to help them better understand the conditions victims were left with, the spoke with treating physicians. Now they believe they may be close to an answer – one that could help manufacturers adjust seat designs so that the head, chest, and spine are all protected in the crash, and all without compromising driver safety.

Lumbar Injuries Can Change a Person’s Life

Although they are considered to be one of the less severe types of spinal cord injuries, lumbar injuries can completely change a person’s life. Loss of function in the hips or legs – either partial or incomplete – may occur and require the permanent use of braces or a wheelchair, special equipment may be needed to help a person use the restroom. And, in some cases, a lumbar injury may shorten a person’s lifespan, increase the risk of infection, or lead to an injury-related death.

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