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Study Shows Seatbelts and Airbags Can Reduce Risk of Facial Fractures

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Wisconsin injury attorney, Wisconsin car accident lawyerWhen accidents happen, victims need all the protection they can get. A recent study suggests that safety updates in vehicles, particularly those made to seatbelts and airbags, provide a certain level of risk reduction. However, injuries can and do still happen to auto accident victims. As such, it is important that you know what to do, should an accident happen to you.

Risk of Facial Fractures Reduced, but Not Eliminated

Using data from the National Trauma Data Bank, researchers from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center examined the risk of facial fractures among auto accident victims. What they found was that, out of 518,106 accident victims, 56,422 had suffered at least one facial fracture. Seatbelts were used by about 27 percent, 6 percent had an airbag, and 9 percent had both.

When compared to those that did not have any safety devices in their car, victims were 18 percent less likely to suffer a facial fracture with only an airbag. Those using only a seatbelt had a risk reduction of 43 percent. And when victims used both seatbelts and airbags, their risk of a facial fracture was reduced by 53 percent. This suggests that, while people have a fear of the damage that an airbag can cause, their risk of facial injuries are reduced, especially if that airbag is used in conjunction with a seatbelt. However, the risk of facial fractures is still present.

Other Serious Injuries Still Likely

Facial fractures are not the only injuries that accident victims may experience. They are also at risk for whiplash, which can have long-term complications. Severe injuries, such as spinal injuries, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and even wrongful death may occur as well. Some of these injuries can significantly alter the life of the victim and their families. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not consider this impact. In fact, they attempt to reduce compensation to victims in any and every way that they can.

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