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New Interactive Map Shows Traffic Fatalities

Posted on in Car Accidents

car crash statistics, Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin wrongful death attorneyIt seems like every day the news has a report about a tragic traffic accident, but hearing about them just one at at time can make it difficult to visualize the full scale of the problem caused by careless drivers. However, there is now a tool available that can change that. The University of Wisconsin Madison's Traffic Operations and Safety Lab, with the help of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and a local news website, has created a map that allows the public to view the traffic fatalities across the state.

How the Map Works

 The software, which appears to be built on top of Google's framework, displays markers representing traffic fatalities over an interactive map of the state of Wisconsin. Clicking on a marker yields more information about the crash, such as when it happened, the number of deaths, and any factors that may have caused the accident.

Users have a variety of options for filtering the data to better suit their needs. For instance, a viewer can filter the type of accident he or she wants to see, with options like alcohol, pedestrian, construction zone, and motorcycle. A user can also zoom in and out, and filter the traffic reports by county or counties if he or she is interested in getting a more local picture of traffic issues. The map also displays different years of traffic accidents. Currently the map's data extends between 2001 and the present, with new crashes being updated as they occur.

The Map's Benefits

The map's creators hope that the map will have a variety of benefits. One of the project's key goals was raising public awareness about issues of traffic safety. For instance, filtering for alcohol-related fatalities yields a jarring picture when the whole year's alcohol-related crashes are laid out on a map. Beyond that, it can help get the public involved with specific safety issues. If local citizens can see that they live near a particularly dangerous intersection, it can help people start pushing the government towards the changes that need to be made.

The map can also help other researchers trying to analyze traffic patterns. Although the map does not make any new information available, it brings all the data together in one place, so that it can be accessed more easily. This may allow better analysis about a variety of traffic issues so that engineers can produce new ideas for making the roads safer for everyone.

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