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Motorcycle Accident Causes and Prevention

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Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconis accident lawyer, Wisconsin car crashe lawyerAlthough motorcycle accidents do not occur more frequently than automobile accidents, they are more likely than not to result in serious injury or even death. These results occur because motorcycles lack the same protection as automobiles, which leave riders more exposed than an automobile would. Motorcycles are also less visible than automobiles and they often have high performance capabilities, making the mistakes of novice riders more lethal.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation in 2012, there were more than 2,600 motorcycle accidents resulting in more than 2,100 injuries and 107 deaths. The most frequent causes of motorcycle accidents are: failure to control; distracted driving; speeding; failure to obey traffic signs; failure to account for road conditions; and intoxicated driving.

 When Motorcycles and Trucks Collide

 Recently, a motorcyclist suffered serious injuries as a result of an accident with a truck that ran a stop sign. The motorcyclist was waiting at a stop sign when the truck that failed to yield at the sign struck him. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet.

 Safety Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Sometimes, accidents like the one indicated above are, from the motorcycle rider’s perspective, unavoidable. However, there are many ways or techniques that assist motorcyclists in proactively avoiding accidents.

  • First, as a motorcyclist, you have the same rights and duties as automobile drivers. This means that you should pick one lane, ride in the middle of the lane, and stay in it. Try not to straddle two different lanes as it can lead to confusion for other drivers and increase the likelihood of an accident occurring;
  • Second, it may be tempting to driving in between lanes or on the shoulder when there are large groups of traffic, but driving on the shoulder is dangerous, and illegal;
  • Third, do not zig-zag through traffic; your safety depends on the predictability of the drivers around you. Just because you have the ability to weave through traffic does not mean that you should; and
  • Fourth, make sure that you ride a motorcycle that matches your skill. Riding a motorcycle you cannot handle will only increase the chances that you get into an accident.

More information pertaining to motorcycle safety can be found through the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. Even though the pamphlet was published in 1999, it is still applicable today.

Consult an Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered an injury or death as a result of a motorcycle accident, you should contact an experienced Milwaukee personal injury attorney who will hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions and get you the compensation you deserve.

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