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Licensing Issues for Optometrists

Posted on in Professional Licensing Defense

Milwaukee optometry license defense attorneyOptometrists and prospective optometrists are always at risk for licensing issues. Optometry licensing problems can come up in a number of ways and at a number of points in one’s schooling and career.

Optometry License Applicants

Before someone is even given an optometrist license, certain issues may arise. Under Wisconsin law, a license applicant must meet several criteria, including graduating from an accredited optometry school, passing the board examination, and proving that he or she does not have an arrest or conviction record.

There are exceptions that may be argued regarding one’s past criminal record and the effect it could have on being eligible for an optometry license. Many license applicants find that this is one area where an attorney can be helpful. An attorney may also be helpful in the application process if there are any irregularities or issues during the exam, such as disability accommodations or allegations of cheating.

Reporting Criminal Convictions

Criminal records can continue to be an issue once one is licensed to practice. Wisconsin optometrists are generally required to report any criminal felony convictions sustained while holding a license.

This is another area where an attorney can be useful. There may be some cases where a conviction has been deferred or some other gray area where an attorney can advise you on what requirements must be met. Sometimes, the gravity of serious criminal allegations causes professionals to forget that they have an ongoing responsibility to report any convictions. Do not overlook this requirement, as a failure to report a conviction is viewed harshly by the board.

Optometrists can lose their license for many other reasons, including complaints made by patients, drug or alcohol addiction, failing to comply with continuing education requirements, and fraudulent billing practices. Our firm believes that optometrists in these situations deserve to be able to tell their side of the story and make valid arguments for why they should be able to keep their license. 

Contact a Milwaukee, WI Optometrist License Defense Attorney Today

If you are concerned about any aspect of your optometry license, you should contact qualified legal counsel. Anything that jeopardizes your professional license will quickly become a personal issue, because your livelihood is at stake. 

This is why hiring an optometry license defense attorney is important. Our firm can review your case not only with your best interests in mind, but also with a level head. Hiring an attorney when dealing with any issue concerning your license brings an air of professionalism to the proceedings, and you can benefit from having someone on your side who has dealt with licensing boards before.

To get in touch with our team of trusted Milwaukee optometry license defense lawyers, call 414-271-1440.



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