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Licensing Issues for Anesthesiologists

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Wisconsin anesthesiologist medical license defense lawyerWisconsin recognizes that anesthesiologists perform important work, and that is why the state requires that anesthesiologists maintain a professional license. Anesthesiologists and all other doctors are governed by the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board, a division of the Department of Safety and Professional Services, and those who are facing potential discipline to their license should be sure to understand the procedures that will be followed and their options for defense.

Complaints, Investigations, and Discipline

A medical license can be lost in several ways, one of which occurs when a complaint is lodged against an anesthesiologist with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. On average, about 500 complaints are received each year against doctors. Of these 500, about half are from patients or their family members. Other complaints are lodged by health care workers. Additionally, malpractice determinations or hospital actions reported through a national data bank make up a share of the complaints.

Once a complaint is received, state investigators ask for relevant medical files and request that the doctor submit a response. From here, the complaint is reviewed by a screening panel of the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board. This panel reviews cases each month. Typically, about two-thirds of the complaints are closed. There are two main reasons for closing a case at this stage: the complaint is minor, or the complaint cannot be proven. 

For the remaining one-third of complaints that have gone through the screening process, a formal investigation will begin. Formal investigations involve a lead board member, a lawyer, and an investigator looking for more information and making a recommendation as to discipline. The Wisconsin Medical Examining Board will review all information and make the final determination as to the doctor’s license.

Possible discipline includes an administrative warning, mandated education, a reprimand, a license limitation, a suspension, or a revocation. The board has the option to use a combination of these punishments.

It may be the case that the board attorney can reach an agreement with the doctor through negotiation. If this does not happen, the parties will go before an administrative law judge. The judge may recommend a certain disciplinary action, and the board can decide whether to follow these recommendations.

Appeals from decisions are filed in the Wisconsin state court system.

Contact a Milwaukee Professional License Defense Attorney

If you are an anesthesiologist and believe that your medical license may be at risk, your first priority should be to contact a seasoned Milwaukee, WI anesthesiologist license defense attorney. Our team of lawyers will protect your rights and your license to the fullest extent under the law. Call our offices today at 414-271-1440 to schedule a consultation. 



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