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Are You Being Investigated for or Charged with Embezzlement in Wisconsin?

Posted on in White Collar Crimes

Wisconsin defense attorney, Wisconsin criminal lawyer, Wisconsin criminal lawEmbezzlement is considered a white collar crime in the state of Wisconsin. For a non-violent crime, there are rather steep penalties involved, so if you are charged with embezzlement in Wisconsin, you need immediate legal representation.

What Is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement charges are commonly brought in Wisconsin against a former employee accused of stealing from an employer, although embezzlement charges are brought in a host of other situations as well. Embezzlement is a crime that is committed when somebody who was trusted to maintain or manage another person’s property or money steals all or part of what they were entrusted with for personal gain. Embezzlement is a unique crime, as it is a combination of traditional stealing with the requirement that the person alleged to be the embezzler must have been in a position of trust by the victim.

Under What Circumstances Are Embezzlement Charges Brought?

There are many circumstances in which a person may be charged with embezzlement. Accountants and other employees of companies with access to the company finances may be accused of stealing corporate funds; lawyers or other professionals who use their clients’ money improperly can be accused of embezzlement; family members caring for aging or mentally ill relatives are sometimes charged with embezzlement; and other situations may lead to embezzlement charges wherein somebody is considered to be in a position of trust regarding someone else’s money is accused of stealing it. Any of these situations, and others, can lead to embezzlement charges.

Penalties for Embezzlement in Wisconsin

Wisconsin penalties for embezzlement are based on the extent of the theft of property or money. If you are accused of embezzlement and the money or property stolen is valued at less than $2,500, you could still be facing up to nine months in prison and a fine of $10,000. If the embezzled amount is between $2,500 and $5,000 in value, then you could face three and a half years in prison and a penalty of $10,000.

If you are found guilty of embezzlement and the value of what was stolen is between $5,000 and $10,000, you face up to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine. If you are accused of embezzling over $10,000 worth of money or property, you could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $25,000.  You may also face this enhanced embezzlement penalty for lower amounts of theft, if the theft is from a corpse.

Let Us Help You

Usually there is a lengthy investigation before a person is faced with embezzlement charges, of which the suspect may be aware. If you believe that you are being investigated for embezzlement, do not just sit and wait for the other shoe to drop. You need to begin defending yourself immediately through knowledgeable legal counsel. The experienced Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers at our firm have experience defending embezzlement and other white collar criminal charges, combined with a compassionate understanding of how devastating such charges can be. Our goal from the outset will be to avoid any criminal charges from ever being brought. Our attorneys are ready to defend you against embezzlement charges, so call us at 414-271-1440 or send us an e-mail today. Source: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2005/statutes/statutes/943/III/20/1/a
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